Happy Belated Birthday (to me)

It’s been awhile. I could say that we’ve been busy taking in all that is Austin, but let’s be real. I’ve been working 6 days a week relearning everything I thought I knew about teaching. Now, don’t get me wrong. I seriously love my job, but these long weeks are starting to over welcome their ware.

Back to the reason for today’s post- my birthday! Not knowing what to expect since it was my first birthday not living in Cali, I knew I wanted to hang out with some friends a find a new place to chill on West 6th. And as expected (or unexpected?) no plans usually means fun adventures.That’s exactly what took place.

Below is a shortened recap of the night’s events.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And let’s not forget to mention the amazing birthday care packages that were sent by my favorite people back in Cali or my amazing husband that bought me my newest party shoes.

Ya’ll (you heard that word right)  made my birthday very, very, VERY special.


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