We originally had plans to head out to Enchanted Rock. This magical place has has rave reviews and it’s been on our “to-do” list for some time. Jake recently read that the best time to head out and hike Enchanted Rock was during sunset. So, last Sunday we had plans to get some errands among other odds and ends done in the morning before heading out.

The friends who we originally planned on going with weren’t able to go last minute but we thought we thought we would check it out anyways. After a short Google session (ie while we were driving there), we realized that it was a little farther than expected and is known to close the park early around this time of year because it gets so crowded. Not wanting to waste a beautiful Austin fall afternoon, we searched for another hike we’ve never encountered before.

Enter Hamilton Pool.

Little did we know that this detour would be the highlight of the weekend, providing surprisingly breathtaking views and natural springs.

I’ll let the (iphone) photos do the talking. They have a lot to say…

this pic definitely requires a

A short hike west lead us to a beautiful river. Looks like an amazing spot to swim in the Texas summer…

Aren’t random adventures the best? We think so.


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