Tis’ the Season

Ladies and gentlemen it’s that time again; for gingerbread house, wrapping paper, and lazy days hanging out at home with family and friends. It’s the holiday season!

One of my favorite things about the holidays is giving and receiving holiday cards. I love hanging with up with our stockings, giving the home that “Christmastime feeling”. In the past I’ve opted for a traditional card coupled with a few pictures from the year. The word is still out over whether or not we are going to go traditional or throw in something a little more playful (read: southern/Texas) this year.

Whatever direction we do decide to go in, it better be quick! We’re planning on starting our drive out to California any day between the 15th-17th, and with shopping for gifts and wrangling sugar-hyped 5th graders I need to make this decision fast.

Here are a few (OK more than a few. I couldn’t help myself!) favorites…voting is much appreciated.

The first three are for an x-mas photo card. Although I like this option, I love writing something personal inside or adding a gift card.

The ones below are more of a traditional Christmas folded card. I think I’m leaning toward one of these designs.

Or maybe we’ll break tradition and send out cards for the new year? hmmm….

Whatever we choose we can’t wait to send all of ya’ll some love this holiday season!


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