Texas Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving so close to Christmas this year we opted to stay in town and celebrate what we are thankful for with some of our new found friends.

After we trotted our turkey tails in Austin’s annual Turkey Trot. It was only a 5 mile race (can I call it a race if I didn’t run for time?), but I was super excited to participate with the hubster and our good friends, Sam, Lauren and April. I ran and “power walked” the race in a little over an hour. If we’re in town next year we’re definitely going to turkey trot again- maybe some of you with strut your stuff with us?!

Over 17,000 runners/walkers/families participated in the trot this year!

Following our morning run and a dinner at a friend’s parents house, we met up with some friends for the TAMU and UT game. It’s a Texas yearly tradition that these two rivals play each other on turkey day that we were excited to check out. Not that I even have a clue of how football works, but it was fun to check out a game and see what the tailgating was all about.

By the time we made it to tailgate (uhhh 2.5 hours before the game!) it was getting dark so the pictures aren’t the best. Picture loud country music, a sea of tents for over 3 blocks, TV’s, BBQ pits, and couches (YES COUCHES).

Don’t adjust your computer screen…that is a man in cameo BBQing in the parking lot.

47 degrees and freezing. At least there was a BBQ pit to keep us warm!

Carrie and Aaaon- took us to our first college football experience. Their group (and ours for the night) were obvious Aggie fans!

Along with the bone chilling temps (note to self: need to keep/wear a heavy jacket in the fall and winter in Texas. Not in southern Cali anymore), it was definitely an experience that we won’t forget. We’ll be back and ready for some more tailgating action next fall!

It wasn’t what we expected for a Thanksgiving, but pretty good for our first year outta town. Missing all of our families and friends…we look forward to visiting with all of you REALLY soon- 3 weeks to be exact!


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