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Fig Newton…errr Prune

I just wrote a whole baby fruit post about a fig. Umm does that even make sense? No. Not even in the slightest. Perhaps it was wishful thinking since I found out that our baby is the size of a prune.? Or maybe it’s because I can’t wait until the fig tree in our backyard ripens so I can start making some preserves.

 Is there even anyone out there who likes prunes? Hence the face below…


Sorry for the lack of make up (and full on book shot!) but we’ve been all sorts of busy working on the house trying to make it suitable for visitors. I want to have our housewarming party in a few weeks but not too sure since we aren’t even close to being done with the backyard yet. Should we wait?

Anyway, back to the baby fruit. Yep, that little (ugly) prune is making it awful difficult to get some things done around the house. I’ve had more energy which it wonderful, but I’m definitely looking forward to waking up one morning feeling hungry for bfast and not despising food for the moment.  

As for the picture. My clothes are fitting just fine so if anything, perhaps I’m looking full from a big lunch?  Don’t laugh.


Next week I’ll be more pleased to intruduce you to our little lime.  As for not, back to my cheesy lifetime movie while the Mr. works on the yard. Being preggers has its perks! : )


A Belated Celebration

Our 3 year anniversay was the beginning of this month, but with news of our baby and our house move  our anniversary  got the short end of the stick this year.

I should mention that Mr. Vance didn’t forget our day entirely….he surprised me at work with a beautiful spring bouquet. Very unexpected and oh-so-sweet!

After reading one my my good friend’s blogs the other weekend I remembered that we never took our anniversary picture. This is a special tradition that I posted about here and here.

Not only is this a tradtition that I was to uphold year after year, eventually sharing this special book with our own family, but I  love to reflect on the year that has just passed. Each and every time it’s so great to see the obstacles we’ve overcome since our last celebration, laugh at the things we thought were “so important”, and toast one other on another successful year and growth and strengthening of our marriage.

 This weekend we were going to do a brunch at chic downtown restaurant but heard mixed reviews so we decided to head over to one of our favorite coffee houses/cafes, Bouldin Creekm instead opting for a yummy meal over something we weren’t too sure about. Bouldin has an amazing vegetatian option of eggs benedict that is only available early since people flock to this place on the weekends and we wanted to take advantage of an early morning together.

So we ordered and hung out toasting out plastic juice cups and all. It was perfect. Not like the Inn from our first year, but a step in a whole new direction for us compared to last year. We celebrated each other. Isn’t that what anniversaries are all about anyways?

We took a picture. Damn waitress was so sweet but could’t quite get it right.

So we took another one outside ourselves.

Gifts this year: Pink Floyd cover band tix

It was the last event that was going to be held at the old plant before they tear it down and build a super duper library right on Town Lake.

At first I wasn’t took stoked about the idea being that this morning sickness thing took over my day, but we had already bought the tickets and Jake was really looking forward to this event.

 It was a cool show and surprisingly had an amazing sound outside.  We brought our lawn chairs and ate popsicles (have I mentioned that it’s full on summer here?!). It was cool getting to see Jake so excited about almost every song. Apparently he and his brother used to listen to Pink Floyd when they were growing up camping and it brought back a lot of good memories for him.

All in all a sweet celebratory weekend. I’m really happy that we decided not to overlook our anniversary and make it something special. Do you have any anniversary traditions?

Martini Anyone?

Martinis don’t sound that appealing, nor have they ever but I couldn’t think of a post title that had to do with olives besides a martini.

Anyway, we took our first “fruit” pictures today. I felt a little silly holding up and little green olive for the picture but also excited to know that that little green “thing” represents the growing nugget in my belly. And without further ado, the little olive photo.

my little olive oil

 Meh not much, but when you think that something the size of that olive between my thumb and index fingers is a  little fetus AND has started to grow muscles this week I say good job little nugget of mine. Nugget, not maggot, k?

is this seriously a baby?!

Nugget isn’t its official name though. We have officially started our baby name list. So far we only have three names, and one of those threee could be a girl or boys name. If I tell you promise not to steal any of them?

Girls: Hadley, London, and Capri

Boys: London

And since more people think that I’m having a boy it looks like we need to amp up the boys list. Being a teacher really puts a damper on so many names so it’s been hard not associating any names we come up with with one of my past students. That and the fact that I don’t want a wierd name that people can’t spelll. I don’t want to torture the poor kid all the way through school.

In other news, my first appointment with the midwife is this Tuesday. I’m going solo because Jake is going to be out of town and I feel like this appointment (along with the exhuastion and morning sickness) really makes everything “real”.

Answer me this: when did we get old enough to have houses and families of our own? Not to mention a 10 year high schoool reunion scheduled for later this year.

Thank you btw for everyone’s love and support for our new little adventure that we have on our hands. Jake and I couldn’t be more excited to share this news with all ya’ll!

Why Hello Old Friend!

It’s been awhile. Looking back through my old posts I realized that ALOT has happened since. And it’s not that I haven’t wanted to post, uh I just…hmm not quite sure. Take that back, life has gotten a bit hectic since this past February.

So let’s back track for all you followers of this blog (Bueller? Anyone…anyone?). Since February and our snow day I’ve had the chance to surprise my bff Lizzie for her 30th in California, been told that my teaching contract will not be renewed, moved to a different part of town and into a house (post on that to come), and most recently found out that we are excpecting our first child. A whole lotta stuff in that mix there for ya!

Where to start with all of that? Let’s go with the job thing. Long story short, due to budget cuts my positon, along with 200 other probationary teachers, was cut. Although it had nothing to do with my performance it was a hard pill to swallow in the beginning. I was sad, hurt, and angry. I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea that I was put into the same category as brand new teachers. No offense to those new to profession, but with almost 5 years under my professional belt I didn’t think that quite worked out. Since that time (I believe it was late March when we were told) I’m definitely in a much better and understanding place. Does that mean I wish that I wasn’t put in this situation? Not quite, but I can understand that this experience has given me the opportunity to try something new. This is something that I’ve been toying with over the last 8 months or so anyways. And although I would have loved to leave on my own terms, I’m now OK with the cards that have been dealt and am grateful to have met such amazing people at my school and worked in an enviornment that was lots of work but more importantly LOADS of fun. It gave me a new found confidence I lost while working at AGBU and allowed me to make some really great friends during our first year here in Austin. What’s next you ask? Not quite sure yet but I am happy to step away from the classroom, share and sell my teacher collections (if you’re a teacher you know what these are) and get to work with adults on a full time basis. At the present, I’m trying to manifest something with curriculum development/education related. Fortunately we have the luxery of getting paid throughout the summer so the pressure isn’t too high right now. But the planner in me has been actively applying and interviewing throughout this whole process. Hoping to bring good news and celebrations on this subject shortly.

House. Oh how I love thee! This will be a whole post in itself but let me just say that I am completely grateful every morning when I wake up and feel like the timing couldn’t have been better.

Stay tuned for a more detailed post and pictures of the house. Although it’s not complete in the slightest and will probably remain a work in progress for some time now that we have a little guy/gal on the way I really want to show you what makes me smille every morning.

Apparently this brings up to baby (what you’ve all be waiting for right?). Jake and I have been talking about starting a family but were by no means trying to planning anything of sorts. We knew that with Jake’s new job the idea of baby was something we were more comfortable with, however, weren’t quite ready to commit to something. Heck, with his new job and traveling coupled with last minute change of moving plans I don’t think we could even mentally put that on the calendar. This doesn’t mean we were elated by the fact that the Vance family will be growing by one. It was just a surprise, but we are so very grateful for this new addition. 

Here’s the story.

My brother and sister in-law, Adam and Lizzie, came to visit us during the last week of April. This was mid-move planning and looking for a job time for me but we dropped everything to get to spend time with some of our favorite people in the whole wide world. I was late but didn’t think too much about it since I’ve been late before when things in life were stressful. Lizzie urged me to take a test asap and late Friday afternoon I did. Negative. I didn’t really feel much at the result and took it as the go ahead to have some drinks over the weekend and relax with family. Fast forward to Sunday day when I started feeling nauseus mid meal. Of coarse the thought crossed my mind and I made a mental note to take a test that evening. With Adam and Lizzie’s last night in town I sort of skated the issue and enjoyed diiner (yes nauseaus again) and some dessert on Lake Austin. Once we got home I took another test (oh why didn’t I take two to begin with?) and it came back positive right away. Kinda freaking out, I made Jake go to the store and get more tests to make sure. And yes my friends they all said that I was pregant. I don’t think we quite got over the shock of things for a few days. I don’t even think I registered it really “real” until, like clock work, I started getting sick every morning and completely exhasusted every day. Oh yes ladies and gents, this lady was preggers.

Since we’ve found out we’ve slowly been telling close family and friends (aren’t you supposed to wait until you’re 3 months or something? opps.) about the news and feel so loved and comforted by the support and excitement we’ve received from everyone. It’s definitely hard not being in California around our loved ones and also understand that it will be even harder once the new Vance make his way into the world. Either way, we know that we’ll make it work. Here’s to frequent trips home (fingers crossed), a visit to California this summer, and a tropical “Babymoon” vacation late August….oh and did we mention that this Christmas Santa will be bringing something extra special down the chimeny? Yes, my due date is for Christmas Day. We are bummed that we can’t make a trip home for the holidays this year and are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that something will work out for family to come out for Thanksgiving.

And since I’m not waking up every morning feeling like I got run over by a truck, I’m planning on doing some “fruit” posts thanks to a little inspiration, or down right copying {ahem}, from these two sites. Here and here.

martini anyone?

This weekend we’ll be 9 week along, the size of a green olive and on our way to a prune. I plan on starting our “fruit” posts this weekend since we’re settled in the house and the preggo thing is . I know there’s not much (if anything) to show but I think it will make a cool montage as we work our way through this pregnancy thing.

Oh, and  my three readers? Thanks for following. I love you.