A Belated Celebration

Our 3 year anniversay was the beginning of this month, but with news of our baby and our house move  our anniversary  got the short end of the stick this year.

I should mention that Mr. Vance didn’t forget our day entirely….he surprised me at work with a beautiful spring bouquet. Very unexpected and oh-so-sweet!

After reading one my my good friend’s blogs the other weekend I remembered that we never took our anniversary picture. This is a special tradition that I posted about here and here.

Not only is this a tradtition that I was to uphold year after year, eventually sharing this special book with our own family, but I  love to reflect on the year that has just passed. Each and every time it’s so great to see the obstacles we’ve overcome since our last celebration, laugh at the things we thought were “so important”, and toast one other on another successful year and growth and strengthening of our marriage.

 This weekend we were going to do a brunch at chic downtown restaurant but heard mixed reviews so we decided to head over to one of our favorite coffee houses/cafes, Bouldin Creekm instead opting for a yummy meal over something we weren’t too sure about. Bouldin has an amazing vegetatian option of eggs benedict that is only available early since people flock to this place on the weekends and we wanted to take advantage of an early morning together.

So we ordered and hung out toasting out plastic juice cups and all. It was perfect. Not like the Inn from our first year, but a step in a whole new direction for us compared to last year. We celebrated each other. Isn’t that what anniversaries are all about anyways?

We took a picture. Damn waitress was so sweet but could’t quite get it right.

So we took another one outside ourselves.

Gifts this year: Pink Floyd cover band tix

It was the last event that was going to be held at the old plant before they tear it down and build a super duper library right on Town Lake.

At first I wasn’t took stoked about the idea being that this morning sickness thing took over my day, but we had already bought the tickets and Jake was really looking forward to this event.

 It was a cool show and surprisingly had an amazing sound outside.  We brought our lawn chairs and ate popsicles (have I mentioned that it’s full on summer here?!). It was cool getting to see Jake so excited about almost every song. Apparently he and his brother used to listen to Pink Floyd when they were growing up camping and it brought back a lot of good memories for him.

All in all a sweet celebratory weekend. I’m really happy that we decided not to overlook our anniversary and make it something special. Do you have any anniversary traditions?


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