It’s Real!

Today Jake and I went to my second checkup with our midwife. It was Jake’s first time meeting Julia and her apprentice (Nene) and I was looking forward to having them all meet so I could be rest assured that it was a good match for all.

I did the normal checkup routine and towards the end Julia said that we might  be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat today since I was almost 12 weeks. Surprised, but excited, I laid down and she squeezed some aloe jelly stuff on my belly. hehe just like the movies I thought.

She quickly found my heartbeat, moved the wand around a bit and found the baby. Oymygosh!!! I was beyond excited and happy to hear that quick little heartbeat.



Two things crossed my mind. The first was overjoyed and the second was complete and utter love. This little girl/guy that has been making my sick most mornings is totally real. Now when I think about our fruit posts it takes on a completely new meaning. I have something living and growing inside of ME.

So utterly amazing.


Starry eyed we decided to celebrate with lunch together at Cheesecake Factory. We never officially celebrated when we found out we were pregnant since everything was so hectic around here and figured now was as good of time as ever. Plus, like a preggo would turn down a good meal.

 This one is for the pregnancy journal

Celebratory Lunch @ The Cheesecake Factory


(Jake, Jess, and their  large plum)

Feeling very grateful and full of love this evening. A simple evening relaxing at home on the couch after a walk with Mr. Stew was definitely in order after a day like today.



3 thoughts on “It’s Real!

  1. AmyC83 says:

    Yay! So happy for you guys.

  2. Roxanne says:

  3. I really hope Amy and Rox did not leave those comments at 3:29am and 3:47am. LOL.
    Congrats again!!! When do you get an ultrasound? I take it you have never been molested by the “wand.” Haha.

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