Operation Baby Project

I’ve been bitten by the baby bug. I’m really motivated to get the Baby V’s room started since I know that this free time won’t last (more on that later…). We are renting and don’t want to bother with painting. I’ve also determined to make something cute since everyone asks if the room will be yellow. Little chance there will be yellow in this room and {gasp} there might even be a hint of pink. Thats just how these hippies roll: home birth, cloth diapers and all.

Here are the “before” pics. Excuse the poor lighting 🙂


This is what you see as you walk into the room. It’s nice and bright but looks at those hideously frilly curtains! I’m all about bringing back Gma style in a modern way, but there’s seriously no way to save these guys.


This closet {empty and saved for baby goodies} is the left side of the room. Lots of storage and built in shelves inside too!


Back around to the right. There are two windows off to the left of this closet, making this room one of my favorites in the house {tied with the dining room and that fabulous peacock wallpaper}.

I just picked up a changing table for 20 bucks this past week thats being painted this weekend in a light gray, nimbus cloud to be exact. I also picked up mix of baskets to put on the shelves below and some cloth napkins for some homemade art work.

Next month: purchasing crib, rocker and some other art we saw last weekend.


2 thoughts on “Operation Baby Project

  1. AmyC83 says:

    yay! I can’t wait to see it all finished!

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