Today has been a good day.

I woke up early {8am on summer vacay, ok} and make a trek to my fav thrift store down south and stake out the door before they opened. What would prompt me to start my day so early? Well, this beauty is what.


I found this yesterday 45 minutes before closing anthey knew it wouldn’t fit in my car. I would have to drive almost 30 minutes each way to get this awesome piece and they wouldn’t hold it since it was a new item. boo. Well not boo anymore this I’m the proud owner of this cane rocker. Hope Baby V appreciates these efforts!

I picked up the geometric print pillow this morning after my thrift store score while looking for curtains at Marshalls. It was a bit more than I wanted to pay for a pillow {20 bucks} but I figured the money I didn’t spend in myself while thrifting clothes went to this purchase for the nursery instead. {….way to fudge the budget eh?}

Don’t think I’m cray cray writing this post about a thrifty find because the day gets better!

You sir, are looking at an one employees lady! While on said decor extravaganza hunt I got a call from the principal at my former school, Grandview Hills, asking if I’d like to accept a 3rd grade teaching position. Now you guys, that is literally the ONLY other team I wanted to teach with at the school! How awesome is that? Of coarse my hormonal self burst into tears in the middle of a fabric store and gladly accepted the job. She was super supportive about me taking time off for the baby and already is working on getting a long term sub by early December just in case I go into labor early.

I can’t tell you what a relief this news was today. Since being let go this past March I’ve gone through a roller coaster of emotions- angry, pissed, motivated, relieved, etc. Trying to figure out what I wanted ti do next has taken a lot of journaling and reflecting. What I’ve concluded is that {for now} this is the right step for me. I was burned out on teaching and thought I wanted a break, but with a baby in tow my feelings have changed. Seeing friends of mine who have little ones and don’t have “teacher schedule”, along with a lot of time to think put my professional career into perspective. I want time off with my family, something that not all careers support or offer, and I want a position where I can leave my job “at the door”. Teaching offers time off with winter break, summer vacay and other holidays. The second part is something that is completely up to me. I’ve recently realized that it’s all about balance. This is something I really strive to work on this school year. I can still be an awesome teacher AND balance family and “me” time with a little extra effort. This is truly an ah ha moment for me, something I’m very grateful I’ve been able to come to on my own. {sorry to those who’ve probably told me this same advice awhile ago. I was a little late really getting this}.

And so there you have it. Two things, one big and one small that made my day- a Monday at that! Now we can finish planning our babymoon, book our tickets for our couples baby shower {pencil your calendars for early Ocotber!}, annnnddd breath knowing that all will be well.


3 thoughts on “Two

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Jessica! Love the rocker. I’m so excited for you and Jake. 🙂 You’re going to make a wonderful mommy and hope we can schedule playdates in the future. – Michelle

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh and congrats on the new job! Life has a way of working itself out when we need it to, doesn’t it?

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