The fruit posts have returned.

Perhaps I felt silly posting about my belly when there was not much to show. Or maybe I was just lazy? Either way, I couldn’t think of a better way to resume this sweet routine than posting a 20 week belly shot all the way from Mexico, Cancun.


From the front, not pregnant right?

But oh from the side, hello Cantaloupe! This lady is definitely not fitting into her skinny jeans.


Did I mention I’m on the hunt for pregger skinny jeans? My sis in law says that must be an oxymoron {perhaps she’s right}. I’ve also realized that dressing for my new body has made getting ready a huge ordeal. If I wasn’t of vacation I probably would have had a meltdown every day because I wouldn’t know what to wear. Cue long flowy dresses and flip flops. These two items saved his life. : )


The water and weather {and view…and naps…and hotel…and reading} was beyond amazing {Babymoon posts to follow today}.

I felt great the whole vacay, managed to sneak in a few pieces of bacon on a few morning breakfasts, and used my belly {Baby V must have learned that skill from his/her dad} to get us a reservation at a completely booked restaurant in our hotel on one of the  last nights we were in Cancun.

All in all this second trimester is treating me very kindly. No major melt downs and just a few more tears {those animal commercials and Lifetime movies really get to a girl} than normal. I’m sticking to wearing dresses over shorts most days {using a trusty ol’ hair rubber band to button them up mind you}, craving ice cold soda/sparking water with lemon or lime ALL THE TIME, enjoying a dessert type treat after dinner every night while on vacation in Cali and Cancun {ok I would have probably done this before I had a bun in the oven but it tastes oh so much sweeter now}, and walking about 3 feet behind Jake on any outing. But, I do have to say that I’ll take walking a bit slower {that 10 pounds tends to weigh ya down} over morning  all day nausea an no appetite any time.

Baby V is still going to be a surprise even though choosing a Cancun souvenir was a lot harder than we thought. We went with a blue shirt with magenta if you’re wondering. He can be a hipster and she’ll rock aqua blue like nobody’s business. We love our 6 inch {7 this week. My how they grow up so fast?!} little one either way.

Stay tuned for week 24 as we enter our third trimester {what the heck?!! already?} where I hopefully get to a project I have lined up for the curtains in the nursery, find some cute skinnies, and maybe {if you’re lucky} have an embarrassing story to share with you.



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