Yesterday this sweet baby bump was showered with lots of love from our friends here in atx.

A good friend of mine from work threw us our {first} couples shower. We ate, played a few silly baby shower games {that guess the chocolate in the diaper game cracks me up!}, and opened our gifts.

I really enjoyed the fact that it was a couples shower too. Nice to let the men do their thing while we did ours too, but then come back together for the gift opening. I think that this is a part of out Cali shower I will miss {although there’s no way I can open gifts and get everything back home} because we both got to learn about what’s needed for baby, advice and {most importantly} loads of laughs from the women as we looked at the men’s faces when asked what some gifts were actually used for. As luck would have it Jake ended up opening all of the gifts that had to do with breastfeeding or something similar. He was a good sport and genuinely asked what/how things were used and graciously thanked each guest for their gift even if it left him a bit perturbed. **his favorite word of the day was “onsies”.

Things are starting to slowly sink in that mommy-mode is shortly on it’s way {my iPhone app says this little papaya ha 17 more weeks to cook!!!}. With that said I quickly became worried about what I still hadn’t done and the list making ensued….. Until this morning after I got a walk in this morning.

As I was walking I remembered a message a friend wrote on a card yesterday. She said to enjoy every moment with your kids because it speeds by so quickly. This message is nothing I’ve never heard before, heck I’ve even given some similar advice to brides to be, but it stuck our for me this morning because this process of being pregnant is something to be cherished as well. My body is changing because of this growing entity inside that I’m nourishing daily with my thoughts and feelings. I want to send positive messages and energy and know that stressing out over the fact that we don’t have any cloth diapers yet or worrying about the cost of “x” isn’t going to serve myself OR Baby V. All of that stuff will work out and come, eventually….It always does.

That message reminded me to enjoy being pregnant, take more prenatal yoga {have I mentioned how magical this stuff is??}, and just BE. This journey will be ending, and while another exciting adventure will begin I’d rather soak up what’s going on now then worry and miss this special bonding time.

Ya hear that Baby V?


2 thoughts on “Showered

  1. Sweet Friend,

    My grandma has always said “A problem that can be solved with money, is not a problem at all”. You have months before little “Baby V” will need diapers or anything else you have on your list. Babies and children ask so little of us, none of which can be checked off of a list or bought from a store. You and Jake will be great parents. You are well loved, and Baby V is well loved, before anyone has set eyes on him/her. Your baby’s needs will be met and will want for very little. Enjoy the sweet silence and the bond that only you and Baby V will ever understand.

    Love you lots,

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