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Learning to Balance

When I first found out I was pregnant one of my biggest things I told myself was that I would balance work and home stuff much better. I had a tendency to head into work on the weekend as well as bring home projects throughout the week. By the time spring arrived I was more than burnt out with teaching and even contemplated a new career when I got let go due to the budget cuts.

But after a few months of job hunting I realized that learning to balance work and home was something I’d have to do no matter where I worked {for the most part}. It was something that I had not yet actively tried to work on, making me tired, frustrated and ready to walk out on something I know I’m really good at.

Once I got my job back i told myself I would work on balancing better to feel more mentally rested, but perhaps more importantly enjoy quality time with friends, Jake and our growing family. Although this is still a work on progress for me, I do have to say that overall I’m metal feeling “lighter” and although I know that the work load hasn’t lessened in the slightest, I’m enjoying work AND free time more.

It will always be there tomorrow…


So no work for me this weekend…Time to enjoy lots of family an friends at out baby shower in California.

I’ll get to the pile on my flight back home not a minute before I finish enjoying my book.


A Conversation I Just Had to Share

Sunday night I was starting to get ready for our trip home for our baby shower. I was trying on some outfits to see what fit {getting dressed is like an hour long Event these days- yes event with a capital E} coming out every once in awhile to show Jake and see what he thought.

Like a good husband he said that I didn’t even really look preggers {no he didn’t use this term} and gave me his favorites.

After I had picked out a few options to take with me I changed into my pj’s and came out to hang out on the couch, Dr.’s order you know. While wearing a t-shirt and sweats, he asked me why I hadn’t shown his more outfits that something a little more revealing to the shower. Not sure what he meant by that I asked, “oh a more casual?”

No.He meant more revealing like my pj’s- literally.

Perhaps you need me to draw a picture? I was not in lingerie or anything sexy of any kind. I was wearing sweats, that are a little tighter because my hips have gotten somewhat wider, and a t-shirt that revealed about half of my pumpkin shaped belly.


Surprise, surprise I’m going to have to politely decline his suggestion this time. In case you were wondering.

Oh sweet husband what will I do with you?

A Few Vegetables for ya

Baby V is about the size of the cucumber as I round the bend an say good bye to my second trimester and a big hello to the third. Still feeling great (Soo Soo grateful for this!) and keeping up with my morning walks and weekends of yoga. Could use a little cooler weather so I can break out my boots and layers! This extra bundle keeps me quite toasty

We went to the Pecan Festival this weekend and although the weather was no where near what you’d expect for a fall festival, we snapped a picture because we realized I’m carrying around my own little pumpkin this time of year!



Ps I have no belly button in case you were wondering 😉

Dr.’s Orders

I’ve gotten a nice round melon…perhaps even a small basketball going here. It’s not good for shooting hoops but it is a pretty awesome table for my chocolate shake.


Shakes a “required” to up my daily protein intake. 80 to 100 it a whole lotta protein and I don’t want to disappoint the little one!

So good. Baby V’s kicking tells me so.

It Does a Body (preggo or not) Good

Perhaps you’ve gotten tired of hearing how much I adore prenatal yoga and pay homage to this ancient exercise and spiritual practice in almost every post?

Nah. Didn’t think so.

Good news for you because the month of September is National Yoga Month. It’s a great way to get out there and try something new or explore your neighborhood and find a new place to meet people and further your practice. Austin has its yearly free day of yoga a few times of the year which makes finding a new studio and/or instructor something fun and easy to participate in. We’ve gone to every event since we’ve moved here and have met some really awesome people in the community because of it. The place/teacher we’ve just started going to on Sundays is because of the last free day of yoga {early September} actually!!

Not all yoga instructors and studios are made alike so I really hope you reach out of your comfort zone and see what’s out there. Check out the website below and see what studios are participating in your area:

I still can’t get enough of my Saturday {and sometimes Sunday and Wednesday} habit. I totally notice a difference when I don’t get the chance to go and make it a priority to get to at least one class a week in addition to my morning walks with Mr. Stew. I’m looking for a new studio to check out as as we speak!

Hope you all take advantage of this cool offer since there’s only a few days left in the month {10 I think}….Love to hear what you find!

Six Months and a Kick in the Pants

It’s baby bump picture time again…



I can’t believe that it’s already been another 4 weeks since we last took pictures! I think you can definitely say I’ve popped and thankfully it’s only been in my belly. I’ve been feeling great and {dare I say} love being pregnant. There’s something about the camaraderie and bonding between women that has been an ever pleasant surprise. Both within my yoga classes and interactions with other women at work/around town/friends/etc are constantly filled with lots of love and support. And the more I think about it, the more I feel confident in our decision to have an at home birth and work with a midwife. Don’t get me wrong, these are still unknown fears that cross my mind at times, but I know I am in good loving hands with my midwife.

We start our Bradley Method classes this week as well. This is the birthing method we’ve chosen to use through labor. Whether you choose a home or hospital birth, it’s a tool for couples to use while in labor. And I’m especially glad that we’re starting classes now {3 more months!} to help ease some worries and concerns that have started to surface. Knowing that we’ll have tools to use during labor helps make it all feel a bit better. The things I’ve learned from prenatal yoga have made the world of difference for me mental and physical state, so I have to think that these classes will do the same during labor. I’m also looking forward to meeting other couples who are pregnant and have similar views on labor and delivery. I’ve found that this subject to be a very touchy one {perhaps more accepted here in Austin though} and have found it quite defeating trying to explain myself and our decisions for choosing a natural birth. Hopefully there are some cool couples who we will be able to bond with and share this experience with. More on this to come I’m sure!

One of the most exciting parts of this post is the fact that our little critter kicked for the first time this weekend. We had just gotten home from visiting some friends for dinner when I felt these little bubbles in my stomach. {I had been feeling that ‘bubbly’ feeling for a week or two} I had only had a salad and bread for dinner so I didn’t think they could be gas bubbles {your body has a mind of its own when you are preggo} and started feeling around my stomach. At first I felt some little kick and called Jake to come over and start feeling. He didn’t think it was really happening so he didn’t come to feel, then all of a sudden my stomach jumped out! Of coarse he came running over and got to enjoy the show. It was the coolest thing! Haven’t felt anything else since Friday night but it’s another sweet reminder of our little growing baby. Hope the baby keeps this up to say hi to everyone during our California trip.

{looking a lot rounder this month!}


Save the Date

Can’t wait to head to Cali and celebrate this bump in style.


My sweet sister in law and mom have been working their butts off planning this special day with my picky self {sorry} cheering along side. Looking forward to seeing everyone!