It Does a Body (preggo or not) Good

Perhaps you’ve gotten tired of hearing how much I adore prenatal yoga and pay homage to this ancient exercise and spiritual practice in almost every post?

Nah. Didn’t think so.

Good news for you because the month of September is National Yoga Month. It’s a great way to get out there and try something new or explore your neighborhood and find a new place to meet people and further your practice. Austin has its yearly free day of yoga a few times of the year which makes finding a new studio and/or instructor something fun and easy to participate in. We’ve gone to every event since we’ve moved here and have met some really awesome people in the community because of it. The place/teacher we’ve just started going to on Sundays is because of the last free day of yoga {early September} actually!!

Not all yoga instructors and studios are made alike so I really hope you reach out of your comfort zone and see what’s out there. Check out the website below and see what studios are participating in your area:

I still can’t get enough of my Saturday {and sometimes Sunday and Wednesday} habit. I totally notice a difference when I don’t get the chance to go and make it a priority to get to at least one class a week in addition to my morning walks with Mr. Stew. I’m looking for a new studio to check out as as we speak!

Hope you all take advantage of this cool offer since there’s only a few days left in the month {10 I think}….Love to hear what you find!


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