A Conversation I Just Had to Share

Sunday night I was starting to get ready for our trip home for our baby shower. I was trying on some outfits to see what fit {getting dressed is like an hour long Event these days- yes event with a capital E} coming out every once in awhile to show Jake and see what he thought.

Like a good husband he said that I didn’t even really look preggers {no he didn’t use this term} and gave me his favorites.

After I had picked out a few options to take with me I changed into my pj’s and came out to hang out on the couch, Dr.’s order you know. While wearing a t-shirt and sweats, he asked me why I hadn’t shown his more outfits that something a little more revealing to the shower. Not sure what he meant by that I asked, “oh a more casual?”

No.He meant more revealing like my pj’s- literally.

Perhaps you need me to draw a picture? I was not in lingerie or anything sexy of any kind. I was wearing sweats, that are a little tighter because my hips have gotten somewhat wider, and a t-shirt that revealed about half of my pumpkin shaped belly.


Surprise, surprise I’m going to have to politely decline his suggestion this time. In case you were wondering.

Oh sweet husband what will I do with you?


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