Learning to Balance

When I first found out I was pregnant one of my biggest things I told myself was that I would balance work and home stuff much better. I had a tendency to head into work on the weekend as well as bring home projects throughout the week. By the time spring arrived I was more than burnt out with teaching and even contemplated a new career when I got let go due to the budget cuts.

But after a few months of job hunting I realized that learning to balance work and home was something I’d have to do no matter where I worked {for the most part}. It was something that I had not yet actively tried to work on, making me tired, frustrated and ready to walk out on something I know I’m really good at.

Once I got my job back i told myself I would work on balancing better to feel more mentally rested, but perhaps more importantly enjoy quality time with friends, Jake and our growing family. Although this is still a work on progress for me, I do have to say that overall I’m metal feeling “lighter” and although I know that the work load hasn’t lessened in the slightest, I’m enjoying work AND free time more.

It will always be there tomorrow…


So no work for me this weekend…Time to enjoy lots of family an friends at out baby shower in California.

I’ll get to the pile on my flight back home not a minute before I finish enjoying my book.


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