30 Weeks…

A week belated post that was meant to be posted, well a week ago. Ill blame it on Placenta Head. You’ve heard of that right? Baby V is pretty much sucking the memory outta me. If there’s no list or I don’t do it right away it doesn’t exist in my world.

One would think ignorance is bliss, however being a teacher this doesn’t always work to my advantage. There are days that become frustrating and I want to cry (chalk that up to the hormones) because things just aren’t the same, but then some friends at work manage to make me laugh about something or my beauty of a sister in law sweetly mentions that it’s probably a great thing to have going in a world that is so much about being on the go and tackling every obstacle that comes my way. Oh you guys are good I tell ya.

As promised (?) a 30 week picture below from our date night out. We headed to Town Lake and found a bar with a good happy hour and a Groupon.


The owl on my short is literally perched on Baby. Kinda sweet.

And here’s another belly from after our date night when we unloaded some last minute goodies from ikea. Had a meltdown that morning and needed to find order somewhere- baby’s room it was.


Bookshelves will be hung this weekend and once a few little odds and ends get put away and some family photos get hung, we’ll have a baby room to share. Crazy to think I was going to wait until Thanksgiving break. Who was I kidding?!


One thought on “30 Weeks…

  1. amyc83AmyC83 says:

    You’re so cute! I can’t wait to see the room.

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