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A Letter

Dear Baby V,

In a few short weeks you’ll decide to make your entrance into our world. With the holidays upon us, your dad and I are anxiously awaiting your upcoming birth day wondering if you’re more like you mama (on time, if not always early) or just like dad (a tad late most days). Whoever you take after, we just want you to know that we’ve carefully been planning your arrival into our cozy home. We love our home and couldn’t imagine bringing you into the world any other way. Your great grandma (on your mom’s side) always told me that having your grandpa at home was the best experience she’s ever had so we’ve taken a lot of time to prepare for you too. Your mom never thought she would be having her own little bundle, let alone be having a homebirth. Dad and I wanted to make sure that we were well prepared to care for our sweet baby so we’ve taken classes, read stacks of books, and gotten advice from our dearest family and friends. Although we still have lots to learn about you {and being a mom and dad} once we meet, know that above all you are already loved unconditionally. We’ve watched you grow inside my belly and tracked your many changes week by week.

I’ve been imagining your birth day for some time now and look most forward to the moment when we first lay eyes on one another and I get to hold you inside my arms. You will be welcomed with two big goofy grins, a cupcake, and a special coin. Although we know you will probably be quite tired and hungry, dad and I wanted to make a big celebration of your birth day. You see, your mom is something of a planner. I get that from your grandpa, but it serves our family well I promise. She loves shopping at thrift stores, hiking, yoga, and cooking new recipes for dad to try. Multi-tasking is something that I’m also good at. I think you might benefit from this the most as I try to learn what mommyhood is all about. You’ll find out soon enough, but dad is something pretty special too. He has an energy that will keep you busy for hours (or as long as you can stay awake) and a passion for knowledge he is always willing to share. He loves chocolate chip cookies, planning vacations, sleeping in on the weekends, and a good lasagna recipe {not necessarily in that order}. And I know he is really looking forward to taking you camping, watching sports, running around Town Lake, and showing you off to our family and friends. He might not know how many times to expect to change your diaper in the beginning, but he’s a quick leaner I promise. He is loving and takes really good care of your mom- you are definitely lucky to have him as a dad.

Although we are counting down the days, I know that there are things that I will miss about being pregnant. I think I’ll miss our special alone time together baby. You know the times when you couldn’t stop tap dancing on my belly {you’re doing it now as I write this letter to you!} because you loved that chocolate shake that we had after dinner, or the mornings we woke up extra early to take your silly animal brother Stewart out for walks before your mom started her oh-so busy day in the classroom. I’ll probably also miss the weekend mornings I spent stretching during prenatal yoga. I’ve loved the time spent with other mamas to be, giving each other loving support as we continued on our journeys. As you grew you gave your mom little room to breath, but funny enough I loved knowing that you were always by my side. Lastly, I think I’ll miss those foot rubs that your dad gave me each night when we finally sat down on the couch together- I know you liked them too since they made me sit down and relax and then you could totally go at your exercises for the day.

You have lots of family and friends who can’t wait to meet you baby! So take these next few weeks and get plenty of rest because you will be quite the talk of town (both Austin and California!). Mom and dad love you more than {mint chocolate chip} ice cream.


Your Mom


35 Weeks and Some Change

We’re off to take some “artsy” maternity pictures this weekend while we are at a B&B for Thanksgiving. I’ve found some awesome pins on Pinterest that I’ve been wanting to try and duplicate. 

It’s been several weeks since I’ve posted a bump picture. Luckily a good friend snapped one while we were at Coffee Bean yesterday.


So how am I feelin’? Definitely ready for the pregnancy to commence that’s how. Baby is kicking my ribs and keeping me up multiple times throughout the night. Hoping that critter will decide to drop soon and give me some more space. Although the fatigue of my first trimester hasn’t quite returned, I’m all ready to go to bed super early each night. I’m rotating between my 5 pairs of jegginngs and maternity t-shirts that I picked up a while back and have no intent on putting on a dress or skirt any time soon. 

We have our home visit scheduled with our midwife next Monday to give her a tour of the house and go through a run down of what labor day might look like. From that appointment on I’ll be seeing my midwife every week or monitor the baby’s progress since he/she can safely come anytime after 36 weeks. Hands down we’ve gotten more guesses for “boy” than “girl” but now I’m not so sure what I’m feeling. Hmmm….

Can I have these PLEASE!

In anticipation of Baby V and making things as simple as possible for the new world I’m about to step into I’ve been inspired to purge my closet of items that I don’t love and haven’t worn in forever. Part of that includes shoes so I was of coarse equally inspired to check out some new shoes.

I’m not normally a sneakers kind of girl I’m dying over these Toms

I’m a size 8 in case you wondered 😉

Room Reveal

I have finally {oh ya finally!} gotten my placenta head together and taken some pictures of Baby V’s room.

Ladies and Gents (?) here goes…

In case you forgot what the room looked like before,


…hideous curtains but neutral paint color and nice baseboards. I knew I didn’t want to paint the room since we are renting but of coarse the curtains had to go. With a great blank slate, I took my inspiration for the room from this photo I found in a baby/parenting magazine:


I love the eclectic, gender neutral vibe and knew that I could find some great pieces at my fav vintage stores.


I started with the zebra rug. I knew it was going to be a bigger expense for something of quality so I spent a lot of time online looking for a good deal. After a few weeks I found one online at With $2 shipping and a large wool rug well under $200 I couldn’t say no.

Shelves are from idea {missing books because the Mr. needs to secure the shelves to hold more weight}. ABC letters are made from cardboard. I bought them at a local craft store and painted them. Once the shelves are secured I’ll fill them with the books people brought to our shower and a few other family mementos. I want to add a bunch of comfy pillows below the shelves so we can throw them around the room and create a cozy floor space.

Next up is the rocking chair/reading nook…


The rocking chair I got at my favorite thrift store for 20 bucks. It’s cane and real wood in perfect condition. Such a great find! A few photo frames on the wall will soon be filled with pictures of family. The end table I took from our living room and switched it out with the other table that was in the “before” picture. I put a few odds and ends {family photo and other keepsakes} along with a modern lamp on the table. When I gave you all a “sneak peak” awhile back I had a different lamp but ended up returning it because of the heavier price tag. I’m looking forward to rocking our sweet babe here and reading to him/her.


Yes that’s a turquoise crib you see. This was my second purchase foe the room. Again, I wanted something different. I found this on craigslist from a lady who pretty much gave it away. She had it custom made for her daughter and after checking online for safety, etc. I made the drive {about 45 mins away} and picked it up. A swallow mobile hangs above the crib along with the modern canvas piece. I was going to go with a frame collage but liked this bold piece and felt that it would be great piece to grow with as our little one gets older.

Lastly, the changing table area.


I debated over getting a dresser or a changing table. But since the room has two huge closets with shelving I decides it would be a waste for the time being. I found the changing table on Craigslist {again} and put Jake to work with some gray paint. I added a collection of baskets I picked up at Homegoods and added some labels for diapers, wipes, and other baby needs. I Lennon quote and bought it towards the beginning of summer not quite sure where I would put it at first. Fits nicely above the hanging table though!

Closet is organized and full of oh-so-sweet onsies waiting for our little critter to fill them! I just got a list of some things to get to prep for the home birth ,but other than that we are good to go if Baby V decides to arrive early. Taking the rest of the week to be lazy, sleep {in between multiple wake ups at night}, and quality time with Jake. I’m definitely feeling ready to get the show on the road, but trying to remember to enjoy the last few weeks before I’m officially called “Mom”. 😉

Getting Ready for Baby V

So we started a socialization class with Stewart this week to help work on his “people skills” and calm his nerves since we know that they will be a lot of visitors coming to visit soon and we also anticipate our weekends to be consumed with our Baby V.

Class started off well (it’s 3 weeks long) and we were thinking about what else we could do to prepare our animal son for this new world we are about to encounter. Cue fake baby doll from Walmart.

I gotta say it was a sight to see. I played some baby crying sounds from YouTube and walked around the house with the baby. I cant believe how jealous he got! He barked some (probably because of the crying) but mostly you could see how jealous he was that I was taking care of something else and telling him to get away (our trainer said he should be at least 7-10 feet away from me and walk away from me if I’m coming in his direction with the baby).

This will now we a routine that we repeat on a nightly basis in order to have as smooth a transition with baby as possible. We have our trainer on speed dial for when I start going into labor and she’s agreed to take him for a few days while we labor at home and get uses to new parent life. Then she will make a trip home here with him and help us make the transition into our new family. Although I’d love for Stew to be easier, I am completely grateful for finding someone who understands our “misunderstood” animal son and is always so positive and encouraging with praise and compliments of how far he’s come (when I think about it he has come a long way.

Tomorrow is bagels (supposedly some that rival any New York style bagel) and a bump shot- believe it or not I’ve gained 20 pounds for this little one!