Getting Ready for Baby V

So we started a socialization class with Stewart this week to help work on his “people skills” and calm his nerves since we know that they will be a lot of visitors coming to visit soon and we also anticipate our weekends to be consumed with our Baby V.

Class started off well (it’s 3 weeks long) and we were thinking about what else we could do to prepare our animal son for this new world we are about to encounter. Cue fake baby doll from Walmart.

I gotta say it was a sight to see. I played some baby crying sounds from YouTube and walked around the house with the baby. I cant believe how jealous he got! He barked some (probably because of the crying) but mostly you could see how jealous he was that I was taking care of something else and telling him to get away (our trainer said he should be at least 7-10 feet away from me and walk away from me if I’m coming in his direction with the baby).

This will now we a routine that we repeat on a nightly basis in order to have as smooth a transition with baby as possible. We have our trainer on speed dial for when I start going into labor and she’s agreed to take him for a few days while we labor at home and get uses to new parent life. Then she will make a trip home here with him and help us make the transition into our new family. Although I’d love for Stew to be easier, I am completely grateful for finding someone who understands our “misunderstood” animal son and is always so positive and encouraging with praise and compliments of how far he’s come (when I think about it he has come a long way.

Tomorrow is bagels (supposedly some that rival any New York style bagel) and a bump shot- believe it or not I’ve gained 20 pounds for this little one!


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