35 Weeks and Some Change

We’re off to take some “artsy” maternity pictures this weekend while we are at a B&B for Thanksgiving. I’ve found some awesome pins on Pinterest that I’ve been wanting to try and duplicate. 

It’s been several weeks since I’ve posted a bump picture. Luckily a good friend snapped one while we were at Coffee Bean yesterday.


So how am I feelin’? Definitely ready for the pregnancy to commence that’s how. Baby is kicking my ribs and keeping me up multiple times throughout the night. Hoping that critter will decide to drop soon and give me some more space. Although the fatigue of my first trimester hasn’t quite returned, I’m all ready to go to bed super early each night. I’m rotating between my 5 pairs of jegginngs and maternity t-shirts that I picked up a while back and have no intent on putting on a dress or skirt any time soon. 

We have our home visit scheduled with our midwife next Monday to give her a tour of the house and go through a run down of what labor day might look like. From that appointment on I’ll be seeing my midwife every week or monitor the baby’s progress since he/she can safely come anytime after 36 weeks. Hands down we’ve gotten more guesses for “boy” than “girl” but now I’m not so sure what I’m feeling. Hmmm….


3 thoughts on “35 Weeks and Some Change

  1. amyc83 says:

    You’re so cute!!! Can’t wait to see the artsy pics. Have a nice relaxing turkey day!

  2. lizard says:

    OMG you’re going to POP! I really miss you this year lady. And your baby, too. Hope you guys had a lovely Furduckenday. (Faux turkeyduckchicken).
    I love you.

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