Tree of Life

I wrote this post some time ago but for some reason it didn’t publish. Still wanting to share and not quite done with Londyn’s birth story this will give you something to think about {or not} in the meantime.

Since we’ve decided to have a home birth we’ve been introduced to a whole world of cloth diapers, questioning on vaccinations, and other alternative ways of parenting/labor. Thankfully the community in Austin is pretty liberal and has been accepting of decisions we’ve made because we know they they are “right” for us.

I wanted to share something that I never knew existed until about a month ago, placenta encapsulation. The placenta is full of iron and other great nutrients that help baby stay nice and healthy throughout your pregnancy. Having a home labor meant that instead of deciding what to pack for our hospital stay we needed to figure out a few other details. One of those details was what we wanted to do with the placenta. Since my midwife cant legally remove it from our home our options were to freeze it and throw it out of trash day, bury it in the yard (apparently it’s a great fertilizer!), or (what we recently learned about) placenta encapsulation. After a few conversations amongst ourselves, a meeting with Hill Country Placentas, and some research on our end we decided to go through with it.

The history (google articles are endless…see the Anderson Cooper videoclip to get a quick ideas) and endless list of benefits is what really got me. I’m only able to take 8 weeks off for maternity leave and was feeling a bit worried about the transition from being a new mom to a new working mom. I know I want to breastfeed for the first year and know that that alone can be affected with the stress of going back to work (let alone the craziness of a teacher that barely allows me to sit down). The placenta increases milk supply so this seemed like a natural way to support that. Although I’m not quite worried about the postpartum depression, I know that baby blues are quite common and again figured a natural way to help this soon to be new mama should be looked at.

I’m curious to see how the capsules will affect me as adjust into my new role as mommy. Surely this yoga-lovin’, veggie eating lady will have some stories to share with y’all. Would you encapsulate your placenta if you knew these “happy pills” would help you?


2 thoughts on “Tree of Life

  1. Michelle says:

    I have a friend (Mary Skinner from high school?) who did the Placenta Encapsulation and she won’t stop talking about about how amazing she feels, she’s really convinced me to look into it this time around. I personally was so sleep deprived right after Carter was born, and with all the hormone changes I was going through, I felt a bit exhausted and overwhelmed. She looks amazing, has a ton of energy – definitely not like how I felt after Carter, and she said it’s all due to the pills. I’ve already done some research!! I’m so curious to see what your experience with them is like. By the way, Londyn is adorable!

    • You should totally do it. I def felt a bit of the blues 3 days after he was born so I upped the dosage and immediately felt better. My energy is great too! Totally worth the money I think. Curious to hear if you decide to try it and the difference you feel…. Congrats on ur little lady btw!

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