Daytime Naps

I’ve never been one to enjoy naps… Well, that’s not entirely true. During my senior year of high school I enjoyed many a nap each afternoon. But that was over 10 years ago fueled by late nights with friends and a school that started waaayyy to early for a teenager.

This my friends, is what my days consist of…


Ahhh I can’t get enough of this sweet faced boy. Look at that leg!!! Love love LOVE my naps once more except this time around I have a milk drunk boy breathing on my neck. Might not sound lovely to everyone but this is my kind of wonderful these days.


Happy New year y’all! We had a couple of friends over last night {they brought us pizza and dessert} to eat dinner and watch a movie. I didn’t make it to the new year {pretty serious about getting my beauty rest in between feeding}, but Jake made sure he took Londyn and danced with him while the ball dropped. I’m happy that some people in our household got to welcome the new year.

The Mr. and I have one more day off together before my maternity leave officially starts and his time off ends. We have a nap on the schedule, lots of cuddle time, a walk through the neighborhood, and a trip to do a return or two {and perhaps score a nice after Xmas deal}. Haven’t made any resolutions yet but I plan on putting together a post later this week on that.


2 thoughts on “Daytime Naps

  1. lizziekvance says:

    I still can’t believe you had that entire human being in your belly!

    Can’t wait to meet him in the flesh and see you both in a few weeks. We miss and love you terribly.


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