Precious Cargo

I’ve been feeling much back to myself (physically) that it’s time to get out and get moving. Not only does it feel good to get outside and enjoy beautiful days, but I have a little bit of baby weight that I’d like to lose. I’m not stressing out about the weight by any means but I’m itching to get more active and I’m not sure I’m feeling ready to get back into yoga quite yet (waiting until the mr. is a month old and then I’ll start heading over to mommy and me yoga).

So here’s my “workout partner”….


He tends to fall asleep on the job, but he’s super cute so I don’t mind!

A have an Ergo (too small still) and a Moby (how the heck do you do this thing?!?) but this sling that a friends mom made is super easy. I also have my hands and in today’s case i could head into the library to pick up a new book. I decided to walk to the library since it was such a nice day out and Londyn fell asleep… Winner on both counts!


3 thoughts on “Precious Cargo

  1. amyc83 says:

    Adorable! I’m pretty sure I need to see many more pictures of that sweet little guy. Is the moby really that hard? I tried it on and put Ruby it in and it held her until she freaked out. I’ll post a pic 😉

  2. Michelle says:

    Londyn is so adorable!! What is the name of the sling? I had a hard time with my moby wrap too, I found it to be too difficult to “get up and go” when I needed to. I used mine a few times and then gave up. I had to wrestle with it, put it on, get in the car and wear it while driving so I could use it at the store. I gave mine away. I want to find an easy baby sling to use for those first few months. Let me know!!

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