One Month

Mr. Londynpants (thanks lizzie for the nickname) is one month old today so we laid down for a mini photo sesh. Annnnddd because newborns have their own schedule and couldn’t care less what a proud mama bear had on mind this is what I got….





and for now I’ll settle for this…


Not what I dreamed our first month pictures would look like, BUT there’s always tomorrow!

What’s new with the little man?

We’ve had a bunch of visitors come and stay with us since Londyn has been born which has been amazing to say the least. We both have our proud mama and papa bear moments as we share our little dude with family and friends. Now that there’s been a lull in that area were starting to have a routine (of some sorts) around here. Our nights are definitely not the same anymore and heck, our days aren’t too much either. Thankfully Londyn loves a good walk and enjoys the outside because we’ve been hitting up Town Lake and walking the neighborhood with our Bob (that’s our stroller for all of you non parent folks).

…words still out on whether or not Londyn looks like me or Jake. His hair is getting more reddish. I’m thinking it might be a strawberry blond in the end? I’m going to see if I can find some baby pictures of Jake and I and do a comparison of all 3 of us.

…His favorite time of the day is the morning right after he wakes up. He’s so bright eyed and content I can’t help but falling in love with him all over again. We nurse and then we take a ride in our swing (a must need for every new parent in my book) while I sing cheesy songs and talk his ear off while I try and sneak in making my own breakfast, sometimes I can even quickly get ready if I’m lucky. I wish all day could look and feel like the mornings but then again that’s probably why I love it so.

…Ahh the noises! Completely obsessed with his grunts and coos. I already miss his newborn noises and cry he used to make when he was just born. Perhaps only a sound a mama could love but I totally do!

…sleep movements. Whenever he’s napping in his swing (did I mention this is a MUST have for every new parent???) he randomly moves his arms into the air holding them here like he’s fist pumping on the Jersey Shore. O.M.G I die every time and could watch him for hours.

…Bath time is another favorite we’ve got goin’ on in this house. Perhaps he takes after his mama and her love of relaxing in the tub, but it’s fun for both mom and dad to hop in the tub and get this boy cleaned. I would probably stay in there for much longer than we do but bedtime or a much needed afternoon nap await us.

…perhaps Londyn’s nickname should be gassypants instead? His farts literally wake us up put of sleep (see sleeping arrangements below). And that smirk he gets after, priceless.

…We’re still teetering between co-sleeping and the bassinet in our bedroom. This last weekend we started to have him in his bassinet so we could have more room in bed and because I would wake up at every squeak and grunt. So far, most of the nights he starts off in his bassinet and moves into our bed in the middle of the night because he’s been getting acid reflux and it’s way easier to soothe him in bed rather than getting up a million and one times. Also gotta say it’s super sweet to wake up next to a newborn, kinda makes the late night wakings much more bearable. But since a tired mama doesn’t make nice, we just resorted to nights in his car seat and have given up on the Swaddle (for now…) because that seemed to bug the dude more than soothe him at night.

…Londyn is still so tiny when I look at him,but he’s definitely starting to fill out- why hello little double chin!! AND the newborn diapers are def a squeeze, perhaps just in time for us to begin our cloth diapering adventure next week.

That all being said, LOVE being a mama!!! The fact that he is most always instantly calmed when he enters my arms makes a girl feel pretty darn good if you ask me. Although my life has completely been flipped upside-down being a parent is a truly amazing experience. Its so cool to know that you have this little human that 100% relies on you to care for them and just love them. And even though it’s a lot of work, at the same time it makes things just that much more fun. Wishing I was in Cali to share this amazing time with our friends and family on a regular basis though!


I was talking to my brother about Londyn and he suggested that I take a photo of him in the same place every day since he’s going through so many changes every day. He said he would help me put together a montage of photos after awhile. This coming from the guy who made that amazing video I posted the other week, of coarse I’m in. Im excited to see how it turns out once it’s put all together and know it will be a great keepsake as well. I’ll be posting the photos via Instagram (meetthevances is my user name), come follow me if you’d like!

Here’s to a good night’s sleep and sunshine for a redo photo session 🙂


2 thoughts on “One Month

  1. Michelle says:

    That’s a really good idea about the daily photos, I think I might steal it!

    We started out switching between the bassinet and co-sleeping with Carter too (co-sleeping is SO much easier in the beginning), and co-sleeping eventually won. We are now the proud parents of a two year-old little boy who still sleeps soundly in between his parents. We got a few months in of him in his crib about a year ago, but he wiggled his way back into our bed, and we do love it. Hopefully he’ll be in his toddler bed by the time this one arrives, or we’re going to need a much bigger bed!

    And newborn farts are SO crazy! You just reminded me about how insanely loud they are. It so shocking to hear such loud farts come from such a little babe. Haha.

    Happy 1 month Londyn!

    • Oh the sweet joys of parenthood!! I did snuggle my man this morning for a few extra z’s.

      Would totally love to see what your photo project looks like too. I’m just going to be using Instagram but you have a fancy camera… Go for it!!

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