Here Goes Nothin’

We were very lucky to get so many cloth diapers as baby shower gifts. It was something I really wanted to do because its cheaper (and greener!) in the long run, but the diapers are more costly upfront.

A friend told us to wait until Londyn was 4-6 weeks old before starting to use cloth diapers because 1. The volume of diapers is massive in the beginning and 2. There’s so much to get used to in the beginning cloth diapers is one less thing to have to learn.

Well today we are taking the plunge. Being that it’s the weekend, we are just hanging around the house today, and that I have Jake’s help I thought that it would be a great time to get started. **have I mentioned that my little dude is busting out of his newborn disposables?!?! Whatthewhat????

Londyn’s in a great mood today too and the sleeping in the car seat at night thing is making nights pretty great. And by pretty great it means I get a few good solid hours of sleep at a time. That’s all a new mama bear could ask for. So here goes nothin’….

(cue obligatory photo shoot)


Too cute!!!

….well it’s not full of anything yet 😉


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