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Two Months


muCh better photo session this month!!

I can’t believe the difference a month makes.

….we dealt with what we think was reflux. My oh my how terrible that week was!!! I literally had to sleep sitting straight up in bed before it would calm Londyn and allow him to go to sleep. Of coarse that meant no sleep for mama. One night was manageable- Eck who am I kidding I was horrible! We researched ways to help make the situation better and ended up finding a few things that started to make nights much better:

1. No more Swaddle- can’t believe I’m saying that! Although people said it helps their little one, Londyn simply started to hate it every time we got him in one. This surprised me he most since we literally lived by this thing the first month. We always had to have a clean one, and god forbid there wasn’t one in the middle of the night when all you wanted was a few hours of sleep.

2. Sleep at an angle/incline. I looked into some expensive wedge type thing but there was no way I was willing to shell out 60 bucks before we tried some other methods first. A friend suggested we try his car seat. Made sense since he napped in it during the day while I was running errands.

3. My diet. I had to write down everything I ate so we could see if there was something related to the reflux. I had been eating a lot of dairy (mostly cheese) so I cut that out and just like magic he started sleeping MUCH better through the night!!!

I told our midwife about it and she didn’t think that it was true reflux, but whatever it was I am so grateful we found a solution rather quickly. That week was long enough for me! You’re so tired but frustrated that nothing is working. It made for miserable days and nights- not something I wanted to associate to staying at home. It was during this week that I was glad to be getting back to work to have some relief. I seriously don’t know how colicky parents do it! **I’ve since decided to stay home until midMarch

…he loves his minigym. I never even thought to register for one and a friend thankfully gave us hers. This has replaced his morning swing time abs totally cracks me up to see him flail his arms and legs to make the objects

…he’s getting great at tracking his mama around the room. Can’t let that boob out of his sight?!

…speaking of which, we’ve got nursing down pact these days. believe it or not it’s one of my favorite times of the day. I love seeing how excited he gets right before and how he nuzzles up to me to find a spot that feels just right. He plays with his toes and gently rests his hand on my chest. With eyes open (during the day) or closed (first thing in the morning or right before a nap) he always lays back to stretch and yawn once he’s full. Always. And it’s sweet and hysterical at the same time.

…what a nosy little man too! He only likes hanging out in the sling if he can see what’s going on, needs to see above my shoulder, and loves to walk around the house with me while I’m doing chores. We’ve really upped tummy time and this boy is determined to see the world no matter what position he’s in.

…we’ve gotten several 3 hours spurts of sleep at night making both mom and dad pleased for the little extra shut eye and/or alone time. Yet at the same time this makes me sad, why?

… The smiles abound here! I LOVE how he smiles when he looks at me. Making him smile is pretty easy too. I could stare and snap photos of this all of the time. Oh wait I already do!

… 3 month clothing? What??? Gone are the days of newborn stuff and apparently he quickly skated past 0-3 month attire. Besides his white onsies (by far my favorite thing on him!) he’s probably worn many an outfit only once before it is too tight. Future mamas out there do NOT buy clothes, such a waste (although super cute!!). I often have to remind myself of this and hold off buying anything for L. Except I “splurged” at Old Navy and bought him dino pjs that were on sale for 2 bucks. I make him wear these every chance I get!

…we’ve basically stopped cosleeping, unless its in the wee hours of the morning and I’m too lazy to put him back into bed- usually around 6. Londyn sleeps on the bassinet at the end of our bed because he’s so noisy! He grunts and wimpers so loud it wakes me up between feedings so we had to do something about that. Morning cuddles are always a must though!!

…after he nurses he falls back on my lap with arms stretched out into the air like he’s just had a huge thanksgiving meal and needs to sleep off the meal. Cracks me up every. Single. Time.

…oh how I heart Londyn in footsie pjs. Looks like a little boy who I can’t get enough cozy time with.

…not as big a fan of the swing in the mornings but those are still my favorite time of the day. Sleepy eyed, we snuggle up together on the couch next to the big windows in the living room.

…this kid LOVES to get his diaper change and could hang out on his changing table table forever. Really?! I guess it’s kind if like the fact that kids usually have more fun with the wrapping paper and boxes on Xmas day.

…several nicknames have emerged this month: L, Lovebug (my fav), Londy, Little L (Jake’s fav), Little Man, Bubba and Buddy

…bathtime is now dad’s favorite. Since he doesn’t really get much time with him Jake enjoys coming home from work and getting some quality time in with his boy. This includes an almost nightly bath (or cuddle session on the nights and bottle before it’s time to go to bed

We go to his first well check appointment with a pedi in a week and I’m curious how it will all go. So far I like the pedi we’ve chosen even though he’s a bit of a drive by Austin standards. After much research and discussion lately (as well as over the past few months) we’ve decided against vaccines for the time being. I know that we will get some pressure at the office visit (we are aware that no Dr. is ever really going to support no vaccines at all) so I am glad the Jake I taking off that morning to be there to help support out decision. We’ve also been looking for a homeopath/naturalpath doctor in the area to have on hand as another resource for L whenever he gets sick. I’m sure people are going to have different opinions about our choice, but like a homebirth, this is something that feels right to us. We’ve done a lot of research and coming to this decision has not been an easy one. We’ve gone back and forth between several options, careful to look at everything we could in order to best care for our son.

This is also the last month I get to stay home with Londyn. 😦
Im going to be making the most of our time together soaking up the cozy mornings and tummy time in the afternoons. I know I do want to go back to work, but feel torn about leaving him since I’m going go be missing so much of his day. We get to meet his teacher next week as well and being on the other side of things for once feels so weird. I mean what do you ask a daycare teacher??



Stopped at the library before heading out to lunch and the bakery with this duo.

Caught him reading together while I was checking out my book…


Weekend Plans

We have a busy weekend caulk of lots of taco night with friends, a farmers market, and a good dose of yoga- everything a good weekend should include.

This guy will be working on his neck muscles…


What can I say, he’s living on the edge!

Food: Delish Recipe

Once our family left from the holiday season, we had some thoughtful friends in town bring and/or make us many a meal. Although all were simply thoughtful and yummy, there is one meal that stands out in this house. I thought I would share if anyone was looking for a new (easy) recipe that’s a healthier indulgence.

I give you…lasagna (no pictures because, well, I forgot was too busy snapping pics of my little man). Trust me you will LOVE this version of this recipe

You will need:
32oz tomato basil spaghetti sauce
12-16 oz. Small curd cottage cheese (keeps it’s super light!)
12-16 oz Italian blend shredded cheese
1/2 c grated parmesan
1/2 c. Water
1 egg
1 tsp. Basil leaves
1tsp. Garlic powder
Approx 12-15 no boil lasagna noodles

Here’s what you do:
1. In a separate bowl mix together cottage cheese, Italian cheeses, parmesan, water, egg, basil, and garlic powder.

**we had kale from our CSA box this week so I boiled and blanched some kale and added it to the mixture as well.

2. Coat bottom on 9×12 dish with small amount of sauce (** we also had some extra mushrooms from earlier in the week that I sautéed with some red onion and added it to the sauce)

3. Begin to layer with noodles and cheese mixture.

4. Top with Parmesan cheese

5. Cover with tinfoil and Bake at 375 for 45-60 minutes. Remove tinfoil and continue making until top has browned.

Super easy and great for leftovers! While we won’t be making this weekly, it’s nice to have something up our sleeve when we have a busy week and need something that will cover a few meals. You def have to try this one.


Mama love.


Soaking up moments like these when I can. Sweet boy of mine….

Hope you can find moments like these throughout your day.

Eat Your Veggies

I’ve been wanting to join a CSA group for awhile now but want sure we could eat (or like) all of the veggies in the box each week. Plus everything I found was more expensive than our budget would allow.

So after reading a local neighborhood paper/magazine about a local farm, 5 Mile Farms, who recently started a CSA membership I knew we had to make a trip to their stand and check it out.

I loved the fact that its super close to our house (I can walk there!), you can make several pick ups throughout the week for the freshest produce, it’s in budget, and you get to pick whatveggies you’d like each week.

Here’s what we came home with this week…


Broccoli greens, kale and red leaf lettuce. We only used about half of our weekly allowance (we get 20 bucks worth a week) so I will go back to the stand later this week for the remaining allotment. The plan?

*Broccoli greens- broccoli soup
*Red leaf lettuce- salads for lunch and sides for dinner
* Kale- I’m going to try and make kale chips for the first time or use it in a lasagna recipe I’ve done before

Let’s see how it all turns out! Have any of you ever used CSA! What were your fav veggies?

Our House

I realize I’ve never given you guys a house tour. We still have some more settling in to do (even though we are renting I don’t see us moving any time soon…), but I truly love this perfectly imperfect house. Thought it about time we share our humble abode (minus the backyard per the
Mr.’s request since he has some work to do) with y’all.


It’s winter (duh) so the garden/yard work Jake put in last year can’t be seen. We still want to get two white /wood rocking chairs for the porch.


Living room as you walk in. I LOVE the open feel and LOVE the big windows that let in a lot of natural light into the room.


The living/kitchen/dining room have an open concept so the kitchen (yup still stuck in the 50’s) is just a stone’s throw from the living room.


Moving to the left is our dining room. I’ve featured the gallery wall (I need to add some more frames still) last summer so you’ve seen part of this room so far. We sold our old pub table and chairs when we first moved in the house because I wanted something with more dining space and the style didn’t really fit this house. We found the table on Craigslist for a hundred bucks and purchased the bench and chairs at a consignment shop. Those awesome tree stump stools on the right were a gift from my mama for Xmas.


You’ve seen Londyn’s room before and it hasn’t changed much since he was born- toys and such (ie laundry i need to fold) usually occupy the floor space. I still love what we did with the space and spend lots of time in here with L playing. He has yet to sleep in his crib (he’s sill waking up every 2 hours at night…) so that part of the room hasn’t been used. His changing table is by far his FaV thing in the room (more on that with Londyn’s 2 month post).


My/guest bathroom. Very fresh feeling with the green and pink. Lots of storage (fortunately) space which is great considering the home was built in the 50’s.


A quick shot of our bedroom and (small bathroom). I love the whole wall of closets (not shown) and again it’s nice and bright in here. We still need to put up some artwork over the bed (project on my to-do list).

So there you have it! Its kinda neat seeing things come together over this past year. When we first moved into the house we made this list…


As a way of keeping track of what we wanted to do to the house. When we first wrote it all down it seemed like a lot (and expensive!) so the fact that we have crossed off most of the items (while on a budget I might add) is pretty neat. You can see we only have a few more items to check off and then we are done. Our Jake’s next project is the backyard. I’ll leave that to him too because when it comes to gardening/yard stuff I’m always at a loss of what to do and where to start.

You’ll have to wait until springtime to see what Jake cooks up for our outdoor space!


I wish I would have done a post like this prebaby to see how different my life is like now. So let’s just pretend I did and imagine a day with a whole lotta less cuteness and a lot more “me” time.

***my mornings most normally start WaY earlier than this but this boy let us “sleep” in. Woo Hoo!

10am: With eyes closed, Londyn’s grunts wake me up letting me know it’s time to get this party started with some Bfast.

11am: Bfast for mom and dad. Sundays are always bagel morning day.


12:30 We all venture out to a new hiking trail. L decides to nap along the way.


12:45 pm Deciding which direction to head in.


2pm lunch at a place we haven’t yet tried, Casa de Luz. It’s all organic and vegan. The vegetables actually tasted like…vegetables! So good!

Butternut squash to start with hibiscus tea.


3:30 pm We want to linger around a bit longer before going home so we head to Whole Foods for a treat.


Londyn naps again…


5:30 pm we stayed talking to a cool dude at our communal table longer than expected before heading over to Bookpeople. We pick up a few books (Black and White & The Giving Tree) for Londyn.


6:30 pm Bath night…I sneak a shower while dad takes over bath duty



7 pm One last snuggle and story time with the family before bed.


7:30 pm I head over to P Terrys (kinda like an In and Out) to pick up our dinner before one last nursing session with L.


8 pm Nurse and put my little love bug to bed

8:30 pm Jake and I get to eat dinner, fold diapers and hang out on the couch with Planet Earth DVD.

A normal Sunday night would soon be followed by some reading and then bedtime, but since Jake has the day off tomorrow we will hang out together a little later than normal.

Happy V Day

Jake and I were going to celebrate V Day early since a friend {thanks a bunch April!!} offered to babysit Londyn for us so we could have a date night.

I took L to pottery painting place, Cafe Monet, to make something for our first Valentines Day as parents. I knew i wanted to use L’s handprints for something and was going to save this gift idea for Father’s Day, but I couldn’t wait until June.

I underestimated how difficult this would be with a newborn (ha. I thought he would sleep through the entire thing!) and luckily there was a sweet girl would gave me a helping hand because L was not having any of it.
I mean who doesn’t mind having col paint brushed on their hand while they are sleeping?

Either way, it turned out pretty cute. We only had to redo the handprints 2 times before settling on the ones of the mug.




Were excited to give it to him tonight and see his reaction!


My heart melts when I look at these sweet boys.


I think I like being the only chick in this castle.