I wish I would have done a post like this prebaby to see how different my life is like now. So let’s just pretend I did and imagine a day with a whole lotta less cuteness and a lot more “me” time.

***my mornings most normally start WaY earlier than this but this boy let us “sleep” in. Woo Hoo!

10am: With eyes closed, Londyn’s grunts wake me up letting me know it’s time to get this party started with some Bfast.

11am: Bfast for mom and dad. Sundays are always bagel morning day.


12:30 We all venture out to a new hiking trail. L decides to nap along the way.


12:45 pm Deciding which direction to head in.


2pm lunch at a place we haven’t yet tried, Casa de Luz. It’s all organic and vegan. The vegetables actually tasted like…vegetables! So good!

Butternut squash to start with hibiscus tea.


3:30 pm We want to linger around a bit longer before going home so we head to Whole Foods for a treat.


Londyn naps again…


5:30 pm we stayed talking to a cool dude at our communal table longer than expected before heading over to Bookpeople. We pick up a few books (Black and White & The Giving Tree) for Londyn.


6:30 pm Bath night…I sneak a shower while dad takes over bath duty



7 pm One last snuggle and story time with the family before bed.


7:30 pm I head over to P Terrys (kinda like an In and Out) to pick up our dinner before one last nursing session with L.


8 pm Nurse and put my little love bug to bed

8:30 pm Jake and I get to eat dinner, fold diapers and hang out on the couch with Planet Earth DVD.

A normal Sunday night would soon be followed by some reading and then bedtime, but since Jake has the day off tomorrow we will hang out together a little later than normal.


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