Eat Your Veggies

I’ve been wanting to join a CSA group for awhile now but want sure we could eat (or like) all of the veggies in the box each week. Plus everything I found was more expensive than our budget would allow.

So after reading a local neighborhood paper/magazine about a local farm, 5 Mile Farms, who recently started a CSA membership I knew we had to make a trip to their stand and check it out.

I loved the fact that its super close to our house (I can walk there!), you can make several pick ups throughout the week for the freshest produce, it’s in budget, and you get to pick whatveggies you’d like each week.

Here’s what we came home with this week…


Broccoli greens, kale and red leaf lettuce. We only used about half of our weekly allowance (we get 20 bucks worth a week) so I will go back to the stand later this week for the remaining allotment. The plan?

*Broccoli greens- broccoli soup
*Red leaf lettuce- salads for lunch and sides for dinner
* Kale- I’m going to try and make kale chips for the first time or use it in a lasagna recipe I’ve done before

Let’s see how it all turns out! Have any of you ever used CSA! What were your fav veggies?


One thought on “Eat Your Veggies

  1. amyc83 says:

    We did a CSA for a few months last year and I loved it. It was actually really fun getting things in our box that were new to us because if forced me to try new recipes and added some variety to our typical weekly meals. We stopped because it was getting a little expensive (and the pickup schedule was kind of annoying), but I’d love to start up again one day.

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