Our House

I realize I’ve never given you guys a house tour. We still have some more settling in to do (even though we are renting I don’t see us moving any time soon…), but I truly love this perfectly imperfect house. Thought it about time we share our humble abode (minus the backyard per the
Mr.’s request since he has some work to do) with y’all.


It’s winter (duh) so the garden/yard work Jake put in last year can’t be seen. We still want to get two white /wood rocking chairs for the porch.


Living room as you walk in. I LOVE the open feel and LOVE the big windows that let in a lot of natural light into the room.


The living/kitchen/dining room have an open concept so the kitchen (yup still stuck in the 50’s) is just a stone’s throw from the living room.


Moving to the left is our dining room. I’ve featured the gallery wall (I need to add some more frames still) last summer so you’ve seen part of this room so far. We sold our old pub table and chairs when we first moved in the house because I wanted something with more dining space and the style didn’t really fit this house. We found the table on Craigslist for a hundred bucks and purchased the bench and chairs at a consignment shop. Those awesome tree stump stools on the right were a gift from my mama for Xmas.


You’ve seen Londyn’s room before and it hasn’t changed much since he was born- toys and such (ie laundry i need to fold) usually occupy the floor space. I still love what we did with the space and spend lots of time in here with L playing. He has yet to sleep in his crib (he’s sill waking up every 2 hours at night…) so that part of the room hasn’t been used. His changing table is by far his FaV thing in the room (more on that with Londyn’s 2 month post).


My/guest bathroom. Very fresh feeling with the green and pink. Lots of storage (fortunately) space which is great considering the home was built in the 50’s.


A quick shot of our bedroom and (small bathroom). I love the whole wall of closets (not shown) and again it’s nice and bright in here. We still need to put up some artwork over the bed (project on my to-do list).

So there you have it! Its kinda neat seeing things come together over this past year. When we first moved into the house we made this list…


As a way of keeping track of what we wanted to do to the house. When we first wrote it all down it seemed like a lot (and expensive!) so the fact that we have crossed off most of the items (while on a budget I might add) is pretty neat. You can see we only have a few more items to check off and then we are done. Our Jake’s next project is the backyard. I’ll leave that to him too because when it comes to gardening/yard stuff I’m always at a loss of what to do and where to start.

You’ll have to wait until springtime to see what Jake cooks up for our outdoor space!


One thought on “Our House

  1. amyc83 says:

    I love it! I’ve been wanting to see pictures of your house for so long. Looks great!

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