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Enjoy his new books from the book exchange!





Umm what can I say? Our nanny brings her son to our house every day and I have to say it’s worked out better than I’ve imagined. It’s kinda like a sibling without the extra work 😉 I love hearing how Londyn watches Zane and think it’s so sweet that the boys explore their world around them together.

Lots of fun ahead.

Firsts: Crib

Last night we braved this…


I’m so used to doing a feeding around 2 and with work on a daily basis, this feeding needed to go. Our pedi agrees it’s not necessary so i thought it would be best for us all to give it a go.

Ehhh not so good. Probably a combo of not following our new bedtime routine and a not completely thought out evening. I’ll leave it at that. : /

Tonight we have a new plan (pack n’ play in bedroom, mama’s shirt by his side, fan going & white noise machine on his fav setting) have stuck to our routine and will soon lay our heads down with hope that tonight will be the night.

Let’s hope mama feels better rested tonight and baby is content with this new arrangement.

**Update: Londyn went down around 7:45, only woke up once to nurse (around 1:30ish), and is still snoozing as we speak (it’s a little after 5am). This is great news for this mama since by this time I’ve gotten up to nurse 2x and woken up many other times in between because of his grunts and other sounds. Although I wish he would have woken up for Jake’s shift, I’ll totally take this!


His smiles…


get me every time.

Firsts: Sitting Up




First time sitting up by himself! So happy that our nanny was able to capture this. 😉


We had a few firsts today. Can’t express how proud and happy they’ve made me feel today…

1. Left with a nanny for the first time and was a champ.


Ps he’s rockin’ tummy time too!

2. Londyn flipped himself over from his back to his tummy all by himself. He kept kicking his right foot during tummy time this afternoon and before I knew it he totally flipped himself over! Look at this proud boy…


So happy to have these small successes before going back to work next week. 😉



Put Your Mama Pants On

Yesterday was a hard day in this mama’s book. We decided to give Londyn one shot at our 2 month well check appointment. He was a trooper in the office (I was more upset than he was!), but once the afternoon hit he was cranky and uncomfortable. Poor guy! My heart broke to see him so upset and uncomfortable.

We coslept last night, nursing anytime he stirred to help relax him and he is thankfully back to his good ‘ol sweet self today talking up a storm after a long morning/early afternoon nap…phew!


Loooovvvveee my little lovebug!

Kite Festival

One of the things I heart about Atx is their love of the outdoors. Any reason for a festival of sorts is always warmly welcomed in this town, the Kite Festival being just one of the many.

We had a glorious Sunday Funday with a few friends hitting up the farmers market and trying some African curry, indulging in this donut, then making our way over to Zilker Park for the (83rd annual- thanks Jonathan!) Kite Festival.


The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and besides the fact that Londyn got a little pink in the face (Opps! Mama promptly bought a hat for that lovebug Monday morning…) it was a simple day in the park checking out the both homemade and store bought kites flying high in the Texas blue sky.

A few iPhone pictures from the day…




Our little man did so well all day too! He was down for the count well before bedtime.


Mom and dad quickly followed suit!