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This is What Sundays Were Made For…

I think I’ve mentioned that weekends clearly have a new meaning for me. There are still the Sundays where it feels good to cross off things on my to-do list, but more importantly most of what “big plans” I have get pushed to the way side in lieu of this sweet boy:


After a few quick errands, I ditched my Sunday yoga plans for some quality time with Londyn in the front yard. The weather was perfect and a lazy afternoon gazing at clouds, listening to music and hanging out while Jake worked on the yard.




An extra hour with my boy was well worth it. Lazy Sundays like these are pretty much perfect.


See the Resemblance?

Jake found this picture in his baby book last week…


that’s Adam, Allison and Jake

…and then I found this by chance


Crazy huh?!?

4 months

Oh boy oh boy are you a big boy! Daddy took you to your four month well check appointment and here are your stats: 15 pounds, 26 inches


sniffles made your monthly photo sessions sans smiles

This month….

– First case of the sniffles made breathing and sleeping a difficult task for you. Thankfully your swing came to the rescue (as always!).

– After a lot of research, your first solid food was steel cut oats. More fell on your tummy than in your belly. Your faces were priceless, not quite sure what this new texture was in your mouth. We tried more oatmeal later in the day but I think your stuffy nose coupled with this new food was a bit too much for you to handle. I don’t think you swallowed a bite that second time! Your Dr. says not to rush solids so we are taking it slow, sneaking some into your bottle before bed.

– Sleeping in your crib has been an adventure of sorts. We move you into our bedroom first, still sleeping in your pack n’ play. After a few weeks of successful nights we moved you into tour crib. Let it be known that you must always have mom’s t-shirt in there, giraffe, and a fan going at all times for you to be comfortable.

– Just when we thought the Swaddle was long gone you go and surprise us with your love of being tightly wrapped like a burrito. Dads says it’s because he always likes to feel cozy in bed. Either way, you’ve changed it up this time preferring both arms out and your body and legs wrapped tight.

– You both dropped and picked back up a night time feeding….just when we thought we would be getting more sleep.

– Reaching and grabbing for things is mamma’s newest fav thing you do.

– the official “Great Pooping Debacle of 2012” occurred this month. I laughed so hard I peed my pants. It was that massive and hilarious at the same time.

– when you get the giggles mom and dad can’t get enough!

– your newest nickname, droolia goolia suits you nicely. Once the drool gets going it doesn’t stop. Which leads us to believe that you might be well on your way to teething soon… the excessive drool and fact that you’re gnawing our faces off are dead giveaways.

– you’re getting better at a routine, napping and eating on schedule. A long morning nap following by a few shorter cat naps scattered throughout the day suit your style.

– you still love your Bathtime which has coincidently also become our FaceTime with family hour, however, you tend to get a bit camera shy sometimes.

– dad cant get enough of napping with you. You seem to really enjoy this snuggle time too!

– mom and dad love your wrist rolls and your naked tush (yup you will be embarrassed by this one day).

– speaking of cute, mom and dad entered you in Parents magazine cutesy baby contest. Yup we did.

Firsts: Spoon

With 4 months around the corner {!!!!} we are planning on starting some steel cut oats and see if Londyn like it.

And if you have oatmeal you need a bowl and a spoon. So this morning we gave him a spoon to see what he would do with it before we started adding solid food to the mix.





So far so good.

Firsts: Stroller

Excuse me but when did my little man become big enough to sit in his stroller?!?!


Londyn 15 weeks

What the what?! Can it be summer already so I can smooch and love on my little guy again all of the time?

Full-time Crib

This weekend we decided to transition Londyn from his pack n’ play to his crib. Last night it took a lot of consoling but he managed to make the move quite well I must say. Tonight was a bit {and by bit I mean the smallest smidge better since he wasn’t hysterical whenever we went into his room, although it did take awhile for him to finally go down for the night} easier when it came to bedtime and I got a glimpse of this…


I’ve got to say that this bedtime routine thing is a whole lotta work. I love the bath time, singing, and snuggling but teaching Londyn to console himself takes a lot of patience and time figuring out what’s the “right” combination of letting him work it out and helping to soothe him. Although some sleep books have been helpful, I have to remember that they are just a guideline. If I try to force Londyn into what he “should” be doing at this age I get stressed out if it’s not working and I’m sure it stresses him out as well.

As I finish this post Londyn is fast asleep (I did need to walk in a few minutes ago) and will continue to stay so until around 2:30 this morning.

Time for some quality time with the Mr. A glass of wine has my name on it.

Standing Tall

He gets so proud when he gets to stand all by himself.


Not to mention, great exercise after a late morning nap.




You’d Never Know…

…that yesterday was the worst day in the history of naps by looking at this picture.


Thank god today is a new day. We’ve already had one 3 hour nap followed by a quick 30 minute cat nap.


Now that little man is sitting tall in his bumbo we thought we’d give his Exersaucer a try…


A bit overwhelmed I’d say. Not quite sure what to do with it all. Well try again soon!