Full-time Crib

This weekend we decided to transition Londyn from his pack n’ play to his crib. Last night it took a lot of consoling but he managed to make the move quite well I must say. Tonight was a bit {and by bit I mean the smallest smidge better since he wasn’t hysterical whenever we went into his room, although it did take awhile for him to finally go down for the night} easier when it came to bedtime and I got a glimpse of this…


I’ve got to say that this bedtime routine thing is a whole lotta work. I love the bath time, singing, and snuggling but teaching Londyn to console himself takes a lot of patience and time figuring out what’s the “right” combination of letting him work it out and helping to soothe him. Although some sleep books have been helpful, I have to remember that they are just a guideline. If I try to force Londyn into what he “should” be doing at this age I get stressed out if it’s not working and I’m sure it stresses him out as well.

As I finish this post Londyn is fast asleep (I did need to walk in a few minutes ago) and will continue to stay so until around 2:30 this morning.

Time for some quality time with the Mr. A glass of wine has my name on it.


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