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Memorial Day

We hiked…


We ate…

avocados and tacos


We swam…


We got silly and blew off afternoon nap time a few hours…

thank god we didn’t have a melt down!


Happy Memorial Day!!



Parents Magazine

Did you vote yet {again}?!


Because you can, like every day.

Betcha forgot huh? 😉

Splish Splash!

Memorial weekend is the official start of summer…I’m still “teaching” until next week but we couldn’t resist checking out a splash pad at a park down the street from our house.



Londyn seemed quite curious about the water coming from the ground and barely lifted his head up the whole time we were there, but once we got to the car he was kicking a smiling. Success in our book.

Now it’s nap time but when he wakes up we are going to hang in the backyard in our new kiddie pool the rest of the afternoon while daddy plants our Rosemary bush.

Mothers Day

Yesterday was a sweet day, minus the fact that one of my boys was a cranky teething mess.


papa trying to console our little man with extra squeezes

I woke up to a husband who got out of bed before I did. And those of you who know Jake well this was present enough for me in my book. So I got to sleep in. And by sleep in I mean 8:30, which doesn’t mean I wasn’t up earlier (around 6:30) nursing Londyn who gratefully played by himself in his crib before taking a morning siesta himself.

And then I got this…


This is also the part where Londyn tried Avocados for the first time. He’s been grabbing at everything lately, including our breakfast and my Mother’s Day card {which ended up all drooly and crinkled by the time I got it}. But at least we got this bug grin after a taste of the avocado…


That went a whole lot smoother than oatmeal! We even had some avocado for dinner.

After breakfast we headed down to South Congress to get some candy { chocolate covered gummy bears, sour straws, and reese’s pieces were some of the things I chose} before picking up lunch at Whole Foods and eating/relaxing on the Capitol lawn.


And taking a million and one photos of our ever so drooling boy…





Thank You


Dear Jake and Londyn,

Thank you for making my first Mother’s Day so perfectly special. You let me enjoy all of my “favorites” and showed me just how lucky I am to be the mama in our family. I love you both more than you know.


The Bux knows how to get ’em young…


Babymoon Baby

Pulled this cheesy t out of Londyn’s closet this morning and had to see him wear it. We picked this up during our babymoon trip to Cancun, Mexico.


Can’t believe we bought this when he was in by belly….


Tulum, Mexico


“Baby V”

Oh happy Saturday. We are busy with errands today and a babyless afternoon “surprise” date to celebrate our 4 year anniversary {May 3rd}.