Mothers Day

Yesterday was a sweet day, minus the fact that one of my boys was a cranky teething mess.


papa trying to console our little man with extra squeezes

I woke up to a husband who got out of bed before I did. And those of you who know Jake well this was present enough for me in my book. So I got to sleep in. And by sleep in I mean 8:30, which doesn’t mean I wasn’t up earlier (around 6:30) nursing Londyn who gratefully played by himself in his crib before taking a morning siesta himself.

And then I got this…


This is also the part where Londyn tried Avocados for the first time. He’s been grabbing at everything lately, including our breakfast and my Mother’s Day card {which ended up all drooly and crinkled by the time I got it}. But at least we got this bug grin after a taste of the avocado…


That went a whole lot smoother than oatmeal! We even had some avocado for dinner.

After breakfast we headed down to South Congress to get some candy { chocolate covered gummy bears, sour straws, and reese’s pieces were some of the things I chose} before picking up lunch at Whole Foods and eating/relaxing on the Capitol lawn.


And taking a million and one photos of our ever so drooling boy…






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