4 months


Well kid, you definitely made a lot of changes this month…

Sleeping through the night? Check.

Highchair? Check.

Crawling? Well, almost check.

Solid foods? Check, check, and check.


Just when mama and papa didn’t think Londyn would ever sleep through the night let alone give up your swing for naps and midnight crankiness he went on ahead and surprised us.

He literally turned 5 months and must have decided it was time. That coupled with fact that we were going to be more consistent with bedtime routine (no more singing and rocking), learning to sleep on tummy, as well as try and push his bedtime back a bit perhaps helped Londyn make this transition. The few few nights he did this we both woke up, actually jumped up, out of bed to check on him since we hadn’t heard from him all night. Sweet boy was on his tummy sleeping quite soundly.

He’s teetering between 3-9/6-9 month clothing these days probably due to the fact that he’s been army crawling and leap hopping himself around the living room during the last week or so.

Avocado was his first solid besides the steel cut oats. We tried it on Mother’s Day and since then we tried sweet potatoes (ehhh), banana (LOVES), roasted pears (OMG), and applesauce (yummy!). He prefers chunkier things than a smooth purée so we usually end up putting chopped bananas in whatever he’s eating that meal.

Other noteworthy things?

– not sitting up by himself yet…guess he thinks it’s more productive to army crawl this way there

– we went swimming for the first time. Definitely a fan!

– He’s found his toes and loves to roll around like a little roly poly.

– His nanny’s been trying to teach him to click his tongue…hysterical!!!

– We think he’s just started to really notice Stew. He likes to watch him while playing on the floor.

– We made it as a weekly semifinalist for the Parents magazine. What a sweet surprise! Word is still mum on what next steps we may/may not take but it was fun announcing it to our family and friends.

– Anything and everything is now Londyn’s personal chew toy, face included.

Up next month?
Traveling to Cali
Visiting uncle and aunt
LOTS more swimming and new foods!


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