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Firsts: Climbing Stairs

This happened yesterday.

7 stairs.


I swear I must be in for it of he’s on the move this much already. Who needs a gym membership when I am running around chasing this man?

Come to think of it, Jake and his twin brother have never been one to do things quietly…


Firsts: Beach

We’ve been super busy visiting friends and family throughout our visit home, but one of the things I wanted to do most was bring Londyn to the beach to see the ocean for the first time.
Londyn’s obvious love of anything wet made the this trip much anticipated! With only a few days left in Ca, Mom and I headed over to Paradise Cove for an early lunch and some time in the sand in between Londyn’s nap. Luckily we got there before the crowds and made some unforgettable memories.


happy eatin the sand…Bleh!



checking out the ocean for the first time!



right before a seagull tried to snatch my clam chowder bread bowl..


tried sourdough bread. I’d say it’s love 😍

spending time with Gma



A successful trip since we had only one small melt down at the table when the food wasn’t comin fast enough {read: mom hurry up and feed me!!} and the weather was California perfect.

I forget how much time I spent at the beach growing up and miss the ocean breeze, salty smell, and windy road that leads to the Pacific. This trip reminds me that creating experiences for Londyn is important. He’s just getting to the age {although I’m sure he won’t remember this trip} where he can begin to take in and interact with his environment.

Although it goes without saying, annual trips to California {as well as the Pacific coast} will definitely be on the list of family traditions!

Firsts: Standing!

I guess our 7th month (yesterday!) means some standing for attention is in order. I am SO excited for this boy!!


Dad?!? Better finish baby proofing the house ☺

Firsts: Popsicle

No that’s not an otter pop, I swear!

Can’t believe he knew how to hold this, let alone hold it the entire time. He is getting too big!!




Running Through Fountains

As they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words….


Firsts: park&sand

I can’t believe that we’ve never ventured out to the park for some playtime in the sand. We’ve been visiting tons of friends and family since arriving in California and needed a day to just hang out and relax. So after a day at the house, we wanted to take a quick walk over to the park for some fun in the sun and sand.

Londyn loved the same and surprisingly didn’t attempt to eat it!


he LOVES walking…and boy can this boy move, even on sand!





I can’t wait for our trip to the beach. 😄

New Friends

Met Liam for the first time this week. Although Londyn wanted to eat his face off I’d say it was a great time!!



Just a few photos from a BBQ with family today…




Family Photos

More details to come!!



Londyn, 6months

Guess who figured out how to stand up in his crib? This meant no afternoon nap, he was waaayyy to stoked about this discovery! Mom and dad need to lower the mattress stat.