Top 6 @6


The little guy is down for his morning nap so I finally have a moment to blog about some happenings this month. This month I wanted to do the top ten things I’m enjoying lately in no particular order except #1…

6. The “zombie”. You have to see it to fully understand, but the picture I posted on Instagram


Pretty much it sums up. Toothless boy going at it, trying to eat off your face (or knee, or leg, or….)

5. Noises. He’s playing all sorts of beats, growls, slurps, and clicks with his mouth and tongue. He’s not the only one entertained.

4. When he sees daddy come home from work his face lights up and legs and arms go all sorts of crazy. Jake goes him the biggest loving followed by tons of giggles and raspberries.

3. Crawling is a love/hate relationship around this household. He’s picked up speed and is everywhere! Nothing is safe and we can’t even think twice about leaving him alone in the room because like any child he immediately goes for the most unsafe thing he can find. But boy oh boy do I love watching Londyn explore and work so hard to get to something in the room. Seeing him experience things for the first time is pretty awesome. Makes me excited for future trips to the park, zoo, Disneyland…

2. Swimming. This boy LOVES the pool/water. We’ve been fortunate enough to go swimming in our neighbors pools several days this summer and have the best time. We just got him his own float and he couldn’t show more excitement now that he gets to kick and splash on his own.

1. The way Londyn nestles into my collar right before I put him down to sleep. It’s his cue to let me know he’s ready to relax and go to sleep.


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