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After flipping through my pictures on my phone I’ve realized we’ve done a lot of this is summer…









I think we took full advantage of the water this summer aaannnddd my little fish loved every minute of it! I think it’s no coincidence that I craved baths as much as I did while I was pregnant😉


Family Photos…

I’ve been meaning to upload some pictures from our family photo session we took part in right before I headed to CA with Londyn, but haven’t been able to sit down at the computer (my oh my has life changed since Londyn has become mobile!!!).

Leave it to one I my favorite Austin bloggers, Jenni, from Story of My Life to offer some photo sessions to help build her portfolio. Jenni is a Texas native with some adorable fur babies and husband originally from Manhattan Beach…how random right? Not only is she super sweet and energetic (wanna be friends Jenni??), but she has a great eye for photos that make me wish I had a bigger house just so I could use more wall space. We bounced ideas off of each other and was great at listening (and reading the several pins I sent her!) to what we wanted.

I’ll be sure to have her take Londyn’s one year pictures as well as our holiday card too!

Take a minute some time to check out her blog…you’ll be glad you did 😉

Sleeping Through the Night


Everyone who has/had kids knows that sleeping through the night is a parents first step to reclaiming their sanity. I can’t remember the last time I was able to sleep in…wait I can, Mother’s Day.

Yup…one day, last May.

I thought I was home free at 5 months…umm ya no that was a cruel joke on the part of my son. You kinda just roll with the punches I guess, but ever since right before we went to California Londyn has had backslide in the sleeping department. I thought it was teething or possible milestones like walking that contributed to his non sleeping.

So I knew that once we got back to Austin I wanted to hunker down on a plan and tackle it with the husband in tow. I settled on the Sleepy Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight book. I’d hear some great thing online and after reading the sections on how to implement this I was sold that this was going to be something that would work for us.

Last Monday we started night 1 (the “Sleeplady Shuffle” is broken down into 13 nights…claiming that most infants are sleeping through the night by this point) where we put Londyn down and sit in a chair next to his crib until he is sound asleep, rubbing/patting/shhing as needed as long as you don’t pick them up. Lets just say that during night one he woke up every hour if not more than once an hour. OMG are you serious?!?!

Fast forward a few days of fever on both my part and Londyn, we were determined to pick up where we left off (again the book claimed the first 3 days were the hardest). Umm ya no. Not off to a good start. The only thing he wanted was us in the room, and once he saw us he would be ok and then want to a) play or b) be picked up. I left his room after 20 minutes of trying to wait it out both frustrated and not knowing how the heck to get him to sleep.

Fortunately (?) it was budget night where we sit down and work on our monthly finances, usually lasting a half or or so. Once Londyn started crying neither one of use went back in right away. We stopped our budget and started to talked about the “cry it out” method that so many people claim is the only way it works and wondered if that would work for L. We knew his cry wasn’t in distress and let him cry for 30 minutes (it didn’t get worse by any means and went off and on) and only went in 2 times to lay him back down. At the end of the 30 minutes he was quiet. We tiptoed in to make sure he was ok an sure enough he was Out cold with his head resting on the bumper.

He only woke up 2 times that night, each less than 10 minutes…needless to say he and WE are much happy camper in this household. Having slept through the night again (!!!!) last night with only ONE short wake up I am counting my lucky stars that Londyn was ready to learn to put himself to sleep. Perhaps any earlier and he might night have cooperated so well? I never thought we would be a CIO family. Id heard and read about babies sleeping through the night at 3 months. At 3 months I was no where near to attempting CIO and am
Glad we tried several other methods before attempting CIO.