Family Photos…

I’ve been meaning to upload some pictures from our family photo session we took part in right before I headed to CA with Londyn, but haven’t been able to sit down at the computer (my oh my has life changed since Londyn has become mobile!!!).

Leave it to one I my favorite Austin bloggers, Jenni, from Story of My Life to offer some photo sessions to help build her portfolio. Jenni is a Texas native with some adorable fur babies and husband originally from Manhattan Beach…how random right? Not only is she super sweet and energetic (wanna be friends Jenni??), but she has a great eye for photos that make me wish I had a bigger house just so I could use more wall space. We bounced ideas off of each other and was great at listening (and reading the several pins I sent her!) to what we wanted.

I’ll be sure to have her take Londyn’s one year pictures as well as our holiday card too!

Take a minute some time to check out her blog…you’ll be glad you did 😉


One thought on “Family Photos…

  1. Amyc83 says:

    Love them!!

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