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9 Months




I think I love Londyn more and more every day? How can that possibly be???

• da-da continues to be yelled down the hallways in our house all afternoon/night long. He finds it kind of comical I think.

• where are your teeth baby? You’ve been teething like a mad man giving zombie kisses to anyone who’s face comes close enough. We can see the outline of your bottom teeth through your gums but nothing is poking through yet.

• I love how you stand on your piggy tip toes!

• You’ve figured out how to unroll an entire toilet paper roll AND flush the toilet in a 48 hour span of time. I’d say you’re a boy who knows how to par-tay!

• I’m amazed at your determined nature, yet surprised at how gingerly you sit down when you can linger cruise along to where you need to.

• Peek a boo!!! Oh boy is it sweet when you try and play peek a boo with the window curtains 😃

• Yours starting to play with your fingers squishing a portion of every meal between your them.

• You love avocados, black beans, pumpkin and Greek yogurt

• the biggest news of all…YOU’RE WALKING!!! I’d say your first real steps were last Friday, September 28th. What an exciting moment for us!!!



all of our monthly photos, except 3 months…musta had a case of placenta head that month?!


Children’s Museum

Austin was scheduled to have rain an stormy weather all weekend so our usual Town Lake plans were a no go.

Jake had the idea to head over to Austin Children’s museum. On Saturday mornings they have “Cub Club” for children 0-3 before the museum opens to the public. After a quick breakfast we headed over to the museum for a quick hour to check things out before naptime.



Clearly not ready for story time. He only hung around for a portion of “Make New Friends”


loved the fish!!




I’d say his favorites were the tornado, squishy ball and wooden toy train set (guess what little man is getting for his first birthday?!?).

8 months



Are you wondering where the 7 month post went? It didn’t happen. I can’t count the times I reminded myself to take a quick picture and write the post after Londyn got up from his nap, finished eating, changed diaper, etc. Mommy hood/life got in the way (I think it did at month 3 too but at least I got a picture!)…ooops!

So here are some happenings from this past month:

• Londyn battled his first fever AND real cold this month. The fever knocked moms socks off and gratefully the swing (he still fits in it!) and humidifier came through when his cold kicked in the following week.

• He’s couch surfing so let no table or bookshelf go unharmed.

• My living room has officially become a kid zone from about 7am-6am complete with play tunnel, wood blocks and puzzle pieces, and board books.

• Londyn’s favorite toy is a singing microphone that he got from one of my mom’s friends when we were in California. I now know all of the songs, tunes, and animal noises on cue.

• This boy is practicing how many noises he can make with his tongue and mouth. One of his favorite’s is sticking his tongue a far out as possible and saying something that sounds like “da da”…surprise it’s Jake’s favorite?

• He has learned (again) to sleep through the night with a short CIO session. Never thought this is what we would do but it worked!

• Did you know you can quite a hungry baby with a single shake of a container of apple puffs. Magic I tell ya.

• With the help of a hand Londyn is runs laps around the living room.

• The laughing fits. O.M.G can there be a better sound? He finds burps and raspberries particularly hysterical.

• Want to learn how to fake cough? My man can yeah you that one. He has several fake coughing fits throughout the day just to practice.

• I think Londyn may have a foot fetish. He loves toes and shoes and wants to suck on them all day. Ew, coming from the mom who hates feet.

• This boy wants to walk SO bad!!!

• And finally, what’s this new fascination with masks? I thought kids hated those things?