9 Months




I think I love Londyn more and more every day? How can that possibly be???

• da-da continues to be yelled down the hallways in our house all afternoon/night long. He finds it kind of comical I think.

• where are your teeth baby? You’ve been teething like a mad man giving zombie kisses to anyone who’s face comes close enough. We can see the outline of your bottom teeth through your gums but nothing is poking through yet.

• I love how you stand on your piggy tip toes!

• You’ve figured out how to unroll an entire toilet paper roll AND flush the toilet in a 48 hour span of time. I’d say you’re a boy who knows how to par-tay!

• I’m amazed at your determined nature, yet surprised at how gingerly you sit down when you can linger cruise along to where you need to.

• Peek a boo!!! Oh boy is it sweet when you try and play peek a boo with the window curtains 😃

• Yours starting to play with your fingers squishing a portion of every meal between your them.

• You love avocados, black beans, pumpkin and Greek yogurt

• the biggest news of all…YOU’RE WALKING!!! I’d say your first real steps were last Friday, September 28th. What an exciting moment for us!!!



all of our monthly photos, except 3 months…musta had a case of placenta head that month?!


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