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Wild Man


take a note from this happy man.

He’s endured his first ear infection last week, sleepless nights and another tooth popping up. That smile couldn’t come soon enough!


Xmas Photos

Did I really get things together this year and already order out family Xmas cards?

Hell ya.


Crap, am I not supposed to say hell around Xmas related items? Oops.

Since Londyn’s birthday is so close to the holidays I want to make sure that I always separate the two and celebrate his bday and Christmas as two separate, but special days. Perhaps that was the reason prompting my eagerness to get things right this year?

Of coarse the above photos are some we didn’t decide on for the final card…you’ll have to wait until after a Thanksgiving for those. ☺

Park Days

I found myself on a Saturday with the day wide open so I decided to take Londyn to Central Market for lunch al fresco and a little bit of park action.

This boy loves him so dirt. He’s a boy through and through!





These are the moments that make my heart explode with happiness.

10 Months

Say what??





The last picture above says it all. My little one has morphed into one silly guy. His biggest thrill is sticking his tongue out to make you copy him and he laughs right back at cha’!

Favorites among the Vance household include walking while shaking head to music on his microphone, greek yogurt with smashed pumpkin, eating his bottle upside down, sucking frozen/slushie fruit squeezes and black beans.

He officially stated walking around 9 1/2 months taking baby proofing to a whole new level. Nursing has begun to just be a “sometimes” sorta thing. It wasn’t planned, he’s just been too busy after bath time and started to sleep later in the morning.

This month we traveled to Michigan to visit family and had one hell of a time dancing with a broom stick.

I’m amazed at what he’s picked up this month too- clapping, playing catch with dad {dads fav!!}, and picking up his food; small piece by small piece.

His first tooth finally cut through, making a cute jack-o-lantern smile.

We’ve begun planning his first year birthday party, yet I can’t quite believe its been a year since we officially fell head over heels in lovein love with my monster!!!


I can’t even begin to say how excited I’ve been for Halloween this year! A part of his costume didn’t turn out as expected but we didn’t let that ruin our night.

With Londyn walking I was really looking forward to walking from house to house with costumes on, beaming like any parent should. We went to a friends house to trick-or-treat with their girls and had a great time to say the least!

ready for some candy!!

daddy was excited too




I’m already looking forward to planning his costume for next year! Hope ya’ll had a Happy Halloween 👻