Eleven Months, 11 Things


1. You truly L-O-V-E music! Anytime you hear a good beat (preferably some Raffi, Kidz Bop or now a few fun Xmas songs) you break out your right arm and start the dance party. Then you get your legs going and sometimes even put in a little head action. No coordination in the slightest but so darn cute! Your excited look almost does me in just the same. I can see your eyes screaming, “can you hear that? Lets go!”.

2. You have a thing for cheese. We just started giving you this this month and boy have you felt like you’ve been missing out. Boy after your Mona’s heart.

3. You’ve figured out that Stew can be a whole lot of fun sometimes. Although Stewart isn’t necessarily amused, he doesn’t seem to mind the fact that you drop some food down below your high chair to see if he can “find it” or when you give him toys to play with (sometimes your own). You giggle and squeal when he part takes in your little game, demanding he do it again and again.

3. We tried taking you on your first “race” on Thanksgiving which ended up with Mom and Lizzie taking a “shortcut” through downtown in order to get you out of your stroller and on to some grass so you could run free like the little monster you are. I do have to say you made it to the 1 mile mark of the Turkey Trot along with the extra mile we had to walk back so it wasn’t a compete wash. Next year mama will just register you for the family one-mile walk and call it even.

4. You’re learning to say, “bye-bye” and blow kisses thanks to your amazing Kristy. Although not always on cue, you’re getting it! You love her as equally as she loves you, running up to her with your arms wide open nestling your head into the crook of her neck. Happy that you are so happy when mom and dad are away.

5. You had your first Thanksgiving this month part taking in some salmon (you ate it!) and a few veggies. After a quick bite (always a man on the go as you see) you couldn’t be happier to get out of your hight chair playing beneath the table, crawling between our legs and giggling.

6. Your affinity for household cleaning supplies never ceases to amaze me. You can race into the laundry room like nobody’s business honing in on the vacuum and broom. Again a squeal of delight lifts across your face as you show us your treasures. What else can I say about this one? Not quite sure what draws you to these things but I’m hoping that one day you’ll help mommy clean the house without a stink face like most kids do.

7. Now that the weather is cooler we decided to give shoes a try. At first you were quite clumsy, lifting of your confused feet one by one. Every 10 steps included quite a few falls but who van blame you! You got the hang of it after a short while and stopped complaining when it was time to get your shoes on. I think most of the complaining was due to the fact that I made you stop and sit for a minute more than anything else.

8. Which brings us to #8. You have 2 buttons (don’t most kids?), “OFF” and “ON”. It’s go, go, go from the moment you wake up with that bug grin on your face until the moment it’s time to lay down for a nap or bedtime. I gotta say I think I finally learned the “Mommy Dance” with you and you have gotten the hang of keeping yourself entertained. Always watching you, even from a far, you are into everything!

9. Oh the curiosity has just begun, I can tell! As any boy would, you love exploring and are off on a new adventure each waking moment. The baby proof cupboard have gotten you fooled but that doesn’t mean you don’t try and pull them open each and everyday, wondering what happened that made them stop opening. Your curiosity has led you into questions about different textures too. I can see the furrowed brow or pancaked hands touching and playing with each new part of said object.

10. Did I mention you got your first ear infection? Ugh, this was the worst! Mom and Dad didn’t know if it was your teeth or not, making it last a lot longer than it could have. After a few days is sleepless nights we finally took you in to get checked and BOY oh BOY was that a lesson in mommy training for me- double ear infection! We should have known since you rarely complain about your teeth. Either way, once we got you antibiotics all was well (even a red tinged poop scare couldn’t stop you) and you couldn’t wait to play fast enough. I will have to say that I did enjoy the many snuggles and cuddling in bed together, something you rarely let mom and dad do.

11. And #11 is nothing new, it makes my heart melt so its worth sharing again. Dude, you literally LOVE life! More often than not, you wake up each day with a gigantic grin on your face, excited to get out of your crib and take on the day. You rarely whine and complain (have I just spoke myself from saying this?) which make us remember that life’s lesson is pretty simple: just be. You take things in stride, enjoying what’s ahead of you finding something entertaining in it all. As I write this I can actually hear you in your room, grunting and talking to yourself up much earlier than usually. But that’s the best part, you are just happy. And I love you for that (and yes so much more!) because you remind me not to worry about things. Just be.

…as bob once put it, “everything will be alright.”

And so it is.


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