12 Months

Being that this is my last “monthly” update post on Londyn’s first year, I thought I’d write another letter following the one that I wrote to him, when he was fondly called Baby V, about a month before he rocked my world.


My Dearest L,

Can a mamma even pinpoint all of the special things that have made this year oh so special? I’ve accomplished much easier tasks in my 29 years. However to put it simply, I think I love the way you make me stop and live more simply. You remind me that every moment is a game, a laugh or that there is always enough time for “chase me” especially if your bed time is a few short minutes away.

I think one my favorite times with you lately are our weekday evenings together. I love the way we’ve fallen into a routine. Shortly after we get home and play a bit it’s time for dinner. Mama whips up something quick and “talk” about the day or listen to music that makes your left arm dance. I know it’s time to get back to playing when you start throwing your dinner down at Stew! Dad arrives home around 6, which by then you are more than ready for some boy time. I tell you dada is home and you run to the garage door with a large grin and arms wide open. Oh how these moments make a mama’s heart grow ten sizes.

You’re always in such a happy mood- that’s never changed. Lately you think it’s pretty hilarious to make more new noises with your tongue. I don’t think I’ve laughed more as you’ve come even more into yourself playing with “words” and having whole conversations. “Mama”, “dada”, “wow” and “dog” are words you’ve mastered so far. Dada and dog are your latest favs, using mama when you need a big cozy hug.

You still have a love of water and music. One look anything with water makes you squeal and run towards its source. Even puddles on the street strike your fancy! And music! Boy knows how to let his body move to the beat. A jingle on a commercial even makes your body stop and move! Thank you for reminding me to “dance like no one is watching”. You’re pretty awesome at that.

You’re pretty much the busiest little man I’ve ever met probably logging many a mile each and everyday. I think you’ve sat down to “read” with me a handful of times. You’re always curious about the world around you favoring opening and closing of cupboards/doors, dumping out all of your toys over the living room floor, undoing all of the safety plugs, or chasing Stewart around the house. Getting you to sit for your monthly photos his month was pretty much impossible. I finally gave up trying to make you sit and let you be the silly-busy boy that you are.

It’s been a busy year. Full of many sleepless nights and days planned around your schedule. Lots of learning and mistakes made. Letting go and loving more.

Happy Birthday Londyn Wayne! You are one awesome little boy.




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