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Firsts: Camping Trip

To say that I was looking forward to taking Londyn camping for the first time would be a complete lie. I wasn’t expecting a camping excursion to take place this soon, but my ever-loving camping husband wouldn’t have it another way. He planned a family camping trip to McKinney Falls, a family friendly site (similar to Leo Carillo back home…) a few months back. And while I kept pretending like it would never take place, last Friday rolled around and Jake and I were planning our two meals and other necessities.

Overall it was a good trip. Not great, but good. I was afraid that Londyn wouldn’t get to sleep and I’d never have a chance to sit. He eventually slept after a sugar-rush of mini marshmallows (good thing tents zip up making it a portable crib) and I did get some time to read (!!!).

We learned a few things over the last two days…

1. Don’t forget the stroller. Duh!
2. Make sure you have a flat campsite. although ours was pretty flat, there were a few elevated parts that gave someone a few tumbles
3. Family friendly is Key! there were playgrounds, flat/easy hikes and a spring where Jake could take him out in the water.
4. Make a list of things you need, even if you think you already have them in your camping gear

I’m sure Londyn won’t remember this trip but overall it was a good experience for him. I know Jake was over the moon knowing that this was only the first camping trip for our family. He agreed that its a lot more work than he expected but getting to are your child experience the same things you did as a kid makes it all worth it: ….engorging on mini marshmallows
….collecting sticks, shells and rocks
….waking up and having breakfast by the campfire
….allowed to get plain ol’ dirty!

We have another trip planned for a few week….expect this time it’s in our own backyard with our tepee and the comforts of home. Nothing to pack, no dirty dishes or clothes to clean, just a small family spending quality time together in the great outdoors.


I’m obsessed with this picture of him!


making memories with dada