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I mean….

first canoe ride on Town Lake 4/28/13

. It doesn’t get much better than a little man with his dada. That’s all for this Monday morning….



Saw another blogger do a cute numbers post so I thought I would follow suit…

5 the number of years the hub and I will be celebrating come Friday. We are spending part of Saturday and Sunday downtown. Some good friends will be in town so we will get to hang out with them for a bit before heading out on our own. Im really looking forward to a “real” celebration this since we’ve kept it low key the past few years. Lots to celebrate!!!

6the number of boy names we are tossing around this time. We were so sure it was a girl *cough cough..oops!* that we never even considered any boy names before. Our final name may or may not be on this list….we made a pinky promise to keep the name a surprise until he end!


20/21the number of weeks this baby boy is this week. Why 20/21 you ask? Well, my due date keeps changing since we weren’t 100% sure when we conceived and the ultra sound has the baby measuring ahead a week than our original though. Either way, expect another little dude in our house anywhere between 9/12-9/19. 😘

1the number of nesting projects I currently have underway. I finished shifting around things In my closet for this baby bump until I grow a bit more. Currently I’m working on the boys (!!!) room. I’ve moved Londyn’s crib to make room for a toddler bed down the line and now that we know we are having a boy I’m able to go through all of his old clothes and organize them in the baby’s closet. Little does Jake know that a trip to Lowe’s today might just be in order so I can finish hanging clothes and storing things that are too big for now. I promised myself not to start too many at once this time, although my head is spinning with things I feel the need to clean/toss/organize. I’m just waiting for my class assignment for next year before I start going after my classroom!

4 how many airplane rides we will be taking this summer. We have a trip to California planned for several weeks in July followed by our first family vacation together to Hawaii. Well be leaving to Hawaii at the end of July and then hopping on another flight back home before I have to head back to work and get things settled for a long term substitute. I’ve flown a lot with L since he’s been born but now that he’s getting older I’ll be playing with some new rules. Gratefully dada will be there more than half of these flights and can help a preggo out.

Baby Gender Reveal

Much to our surprise we found out that were having another BOY!!!


We were completely convinced that it was a girl until we walked into the Dr.’s office and both changed our guesses at the last minute.

And although we will have to throw out our girl name yet again (and most likely for good), I am extremely grateful for this new little man and getting to be the “boy mom” I’ve always thought I’d be. Lots of dirt, sports and camping will ensue and mama will be the queen of the house still.

**Our due date was changed too. Instead our midwife is guessing September 19th. But after our sonogram baby is measuring 18 weeks instead of 17. It’s all a guessing game anyways!