Belly Shots

So lets say that I’m 100% terrible at taking belly pictures. I even have an alarm set to go off each Saturday when you’d think I’d have time to snap a quick picture. I started with an 8 week and a 10 week photo, and well…yup.

So I figured I’d post the 10 week photo and what this baby bump is looking like this week and see if I can keep up the momentum.

10 weeks

20 weeks

*Feeling good still
*walking/yoga-ing/bike riding lots this time around again
*moved preggo clothes into current wardrobe rotation, however since I was pregnant for the fall/winter I might have to invest in a few pieces that I can wear like dresses or maxis to carry me through

I see my midwife next week to find out how much I’ve gained and to listen to te baby again. Last time I was up about 5 pounds, I’ve surely gained weight since then because I can’t quite fit into all my tops 😉

I wish I’d thought of a feet/ belly shot from the start. Easy peasy annnnddd as long as I got something cute on from the waist down I’m golden.


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