A much needed mama-getaway was needed (can I get an amen!?) with a few old friends from high school leaving dad in charge for the weekend. And while truly enjoying turning off and just taking the weekend to reconnect and recharge I couldn’t help notice a few things when dad is in charge.

🔺When day’s in charge he takes little man for a much needed trim (and grape sucker for a job well done) and even sends mama bear pictures because he knows how sentimental I am of even these simple events.

🔺When dad’s in change there’s probably a lot less sticking to schedules and a lot more playing until exhaustion strikes.

🔺And with said flexible schedules comes dirt/stains/younameit. Hence the photo evidence above I received one evening after my little monster was (clean?) sound asleep.

🔺When dad’s in charge there are ALWAYS extra adventures. Trailer bike ride and trip to the Emma Long Park were the adventures of the day (did I mention there was not a schedule that day?! How did do so much?). Little man LOVED the pool and jumped into Dad’s arms. What I wouldn’t do to see all of that in action.

The house didn’t burn down and there areextra piles of laundry, but I couldn’t be more proud of my husband for all his effort in making it a fun weekend and only calling a few times to say goodnight or to tell me how much fun they were having.

Can’t wait until my flight lands on that Texas soil to be the recipient of lots of hugs and two smiling boys waiting for their mama.


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