Monthly Archives: June 2013

This Boy

This boy has a gentle soul, loves morning smoothies as of late and jabbers on a mile a minute explaining, well I’m not quite versed in toddler so j don’t know. He’ll rarely repeat words on command and will gladly tell you no when he’s not done. This boy melts my heart when he gives me kisses and hugs “just because” or flies down the way just to greet dada.

Soon this boy will be a big brother (!!!). He’ll show his little brother how to all of the things you’re not supposed to do, yet I know he’ll be sweet and helpful because he’s curious and loves to take charge.

I want this boy to know that his mama will always be there for him, is grateful for his amazing little soul that flipped my world inside out in the most fantastical (this word only feels appropriate) ways and that I feel pure joy and contentment just watching him “be”, always looking back for his mama with the same half smirk he dad gives me too.

To extra dirt, playing chase right before bedtime and finally being ok that dada just might be his favorite. I love this boy so very much.


Coconut and Tigers Blood




^^^sno cones {part two}.

Sometimes u just gotta bend the rules and eat sno cones two times in one week. Little dude knows a good sno cone when he tries one and tried to take over mamas creation of coconut and tigers blood (a berry flavor oddly named don’t you think?). So we finagled dad out of taking an afternoon nap by playing “choo choo” and making the fun kinda noise one just can’t say no to, and made our way to Sno Beach.

I like days like these where dad is home early and we get all sorts of spontaneous (parents know this is quite the luxury!). It makes for quite the memory, as simple as it may seem, for our family of 3 will be a family plus one more this fall. Our lives will be turned upside down with the snuggles, coos and tired eyes that newborns bring. And for now this emotional preggo can’t quite go there. For the next few months L might get a bit spoiled, get enjoy a few extra sno cones (that miiiigghhhtt be Bubba talking), bird and squirrel watching, bellies full of giggles, blow up pools, impromptu swim adventures, and moments we get to steal away from routines and such.

Maybe you should take that something extra today too? Just ’cause. 😉

All Things Summer


My official start of summer only started a few days ago (can I get an amen from all the teachers out there?!) and we haven’t missed a beat.

Sno Cones
Blow up pool in the back yard
Trip to the zoo

It’s all been packed in nicely over the last few weeks and I can’t say that it hasn’t been even more fun with my little wild thing running around (minus the ear infection and 6 teeth comin in at the same time. apparently he doesn’t know how to do anything in a small way).

We have the rest of the month the continue to beat the Texas heat and bugs before we make our way over to California for the month of July. Jake will be joining us for a week too! He and I will sneak away a few days for a Babymoon to Carmel and Big Sur while our family watches little man. The rest of our time back home will be spent at the pool/beach, catching up with old friends, a maternity/family photo session and whatever else you can throw into the mix.

Happy summer days!