Coconut and Tigers Blood




^^^sno cones {part two}.

Sometimes u just gotta bend the rules and eat sno cones two times in one week. Little dude knows a good sno cone when he tries one and tried to take over mamas creation of coconut and tigers blood (a berry flavor oddly named don’t you think?). So we finagled dad out of taking an afternoon nap by playing “choo choo” and making the fun kinda noise one just can’t say no to, and made our way to Sno Beach.

I like days like these where dad is home early and we get all sorts of spontaneous (parents know this is quite the luxury!). It makes for quite the memory, as simple as it may seem, for our family of 3 will be a family plus one more this fall. Our lives will be turned upside down with the snuggles, coos and tired eyes that newborns bring. And for now this emotional preggo can’t quite go there. For the next few months L might get a bit spoiled, get enjoy a few extra sno cones (that miiiigghhhtt be Bubba talking), bird and squirrel watching, bellies full of giggles, blow up pools, impromptu swim adventures, and moments we get to steal away from routines and such.

Maybe you should take that something extra today too? Just ’cause. 😉


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