This Boy

This boy has a gentle soul, loves morning smoothies as of late and jabbers on a mile a minute explaining, well I’m not quite versed in toddler so j don’t know. He’ll rarely repeat words on command and will gladly tell you no when he’s not done. This boy melts my heart when he gives me kisses and hugs “just because” or flies down the way just to greet dada.

Soon this boy will be a big brother (!!!). He’ll show his little brother how to all of the things you’re not supposed to do, yet I know he’ll be sweet and helpful because he’s curious and loves to take charge.

I want this boy to know that his mama will always be there for him, is grateful for his amazing little soul that flipped my world inside out in the most fantastical (this word only feels appropriate) ways and that I feel pure joy and contentment just watching him “be”, always looking back for his mama with the same half smirk he dad gives me too.

To extra dirt, playing chase right before bedtime and finally being ok that dada just might be his favorite. I love this boy so very much.


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